As a member of the foodbuzz team I get a lot of offers to try out products.   I tend to not opt-in for a lot of them because they are not projects that agree with my lifestyle (ie. Ballpark Franks, which are great for others, not for me!).  When I was offered a chance to try out a new Tervis Tumbler I was super excited!

My grandparents lived in Osprey, FL when I was younger and that is where TTs are made.  I even got to go to the factory store when I was a kid and picked out a tumbler with a kitty on it.IMG_1379

Today I filled my tumbler with an Amazing Grass smoothie after a ride on the bike trainer.


Simple mix of amazing meal, frozen raspberries, half a banana, and milk.

Thanks Tervis and Foodbuzz!


One Comment on “Tervis”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Just want to say I notice minmoon has replaced Florida sunset…good mooooove! Love you! MB

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