I got something new at the farmer’s market today!


Duck eggs!  My egg lady had them today, and I thought why not? It is now or never! They are larger than your average chicken egg and I was told they had a deeper flavor.  One reason I buy local eggs is for their better flavor so I was sold.


Check out the yoke on that guy!


Served up with sautéed greens and black beans cooked with onion, garlic, yellow pepper, oregano and steamed in vegetable stock (these beans were a close second to the egg – I must use veggie stock in stove top cooking thing more often!).  I also had a piece of toast for yoke dipping because it is the best part of any egg.


Have you ever had a duck egg?  I know they are kind of trendy right now, but I don’t remember having one and I definitely have never made them.  I can’t wait for Nick to try one this weekend!

4 Comments on “Quack!”

  1. i can’t believe being a “farm girl” i have never had a duck egg. did you like it? would you buy them again?

    • Heather says:

      Yes! It was delicious. They are more expensive than regular chicken eggs so they would have to be a treat. I don’t think they have them year round in the first place either.

  2. Love the title of this post!

    I have never tried a duck egg, but I’m intrigued!

  3. Moma Beans! says:

    Quack back at you. Never even seen a duck egg! Yours looks delicious! Love, moma beans!

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