Give Them A Chance!

It is the second to last Farmer’s Market Tuesday Sad smile  It was dark when I was at the market today, but thankfully the weather was seasonally warm and the rain was just spitting.

As the choices become fewer and fewer I have to get creative.  One item at the market that I like to get are small turnips.IMG_1388

They usually come with greens which give me a second meal out of the plant!  At the grocery store you can’t really find them together and if you do the greens are usually pretty wilted and gross.

Tonight I just sautéed the greens in some olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme.

I had them alongside two duck eggs on toast with goat cheese.IMG_1391

I eat eggs probably once a week – they are easy, full of protein and if they weren’t duck they would be pretty cheap!

I am really sad for the markets to end and to have to say goodbye until next spring.

*What do you miss most about summer produce?

Outtake from photographing dinner…


Sissy attacking my dishtowel!

And lastly…a PSA about bike trainers…IMG_1393

They will wear your tire much faster than the road, fling rubber and will be hot after use.  I asked the people at REI and they said it was normal and suggest getting a cheap tire for indoor use.  Learn something new every day!


2 Comments on “Give Them A Chance!”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    I miss my farmer’s market already, but was happy to learn that, if I take a lunch break on Thursdays, I can visit an indoor market all winter! Thanks Gilberti’s (local grower of Organic herbs) for sponsoring this.

  2. Dec 18th is the last day of the JFX market, wah, I’m not happy about it!

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