Horse Meat

So I know I haven’t written a post in a very long time, but I really haven’t had much to write about.  I try and type for a reason not just to get some words up there.  Thankfully some really exciting things should be happening before the end of the year and I shall report them back once they are official for those of you out there still reading!

Before that can happen there was one news article that caught my attention yesterday about horse meat becoming available in the US for human consumption.


At first I was angry because I grew up riding horses and there is no way I would ever eat Sunny, but then I remember the book Eating Animals and the concept of why we can eat certain animals over others.  The article explains that the horses that were previously slaughtered in the US are now just being shipped north and south to Canada and Mexico, thus causing the farmers to actually lose money and the horses still die in the end.

According the the USA Today article, horse meat is top shelf in Europe and Asia, so why to Americans hold them higher on the totem pole then the cow, pig, or chicken?  According to Eating Animals it is because we humanize them.  We give them a name, make them a friend and a pet.  I am pretty sure if you were the owner of a potbelly pig you would be less likely to eat him and his cousins.



The article and idea really make you think.  Why would you eat Bessy the cow over Fido the dog?  What is it about domesticated animals that make them deserve to live over their barnyard kin?  It makes me think of the movie Babe where the cat tells Pig every animals place on the farm.

My personal stance on meat is not so much the kind of animal (although I would have a mental problem eating dog or horse), rather it is the way the animal was treated during its life and how it was slaughtered.  Whether you are a horse or a cow going through a factory farm, the kill floor is a very sad place.  I could go into detail, but I am sure you get the idea and just head over to PETA if you need a visual.  I follow the rules of Michael Pollen because they make sense to me.  I support local meat products, from small farms, and I pay the premium for meat I can celebrate eating (about once a week) without feeling bad for the animal that died.

Whether it is horse meat or cow meat, I think we need to become more aware of our food system.  I hope that this new “meat on the market” will make people see how all animals killed for consumption are treat instead of just pretending animal cruelty doesn’t exist and picking up the next mangers special.

I would love to hear your thought! Even if you do not agree with me, I love a good debate!


4 Comments on “Horse Meat”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Hey, lilybeans, i heard the news about horse meat the other day and meant to call and ask how you felt so, good to hear! I am still a little queasy about horse meat, like many people are about eating veal, but I know that is different too. remember when we were in afica and had the opportunity to eat zebra? no way. and in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle,how they were careful not to name the chickens that they knew they were going to eat in the winter? Mother nature has laws of survival…those wholived by those many years ago were respectful of them. I think that is where you are today! Love, Moma Beans

  2. janderoo92 says:

    Me too! You and I are both very much on the same page.(My blog has a similar premise to yours.) Michael Pollan got me onto the road to eating better as well and fortunately, in the SF Bay Area at least, you can get meat that you know has not seen a feedlot or a BigAgBiz kill floor. I will be following this story about horse coming to our shelves with interest. Thanks for writing about it!

  3. Meaghan says:

    Wow, I had no idea this was happening! Eating Animals is what switched me from a pescatarion to a full on veg. All animals are sentient beings, and people need to respect that. That respect can come in different forms. For me, it’s abstaining from eating any kind of animal flesh, for others (like you) it means eating only locally sourced, humanely raised meats. It makes me really sad to think about people eating horses, I grew up riding and owning horses as well, but I agree that in the end, meat is meat!

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