Getting Creative and Crafty

This year I am trying to get a little crafty with my gifts.  Thanks to getting married a few months ago, I have a ton of pictures!  I think the hardest part of having over 300 pictures to sort through is trying to figure out which ones to print and how to frame/use them without our entire apartment becoming a wedding showcase. We had the barn where we got married blow up and professionally framed, but getting things framed gets expensive so I came up with a few other ideas (two of which I cannot show because they are presents!).

One way to preserve our wedding memories was in a picture box.


I got this door hinged photo box from Home Goods for $15 and printed the pictures from shutterfly with 3 coupons – I have mastered that website this holiday season.  I picked pictures that were more of “background” to the day and I really wanted the barn (top middle pic, also the one we got blown up) and the “H” and “N” on the rafters.  In the center I put our wedding invitation and envelope, showcasing all of the hand stamped hard work.  Lastly I pinned in Nick’s boutonniere (the silk flowers worked out really well).


Now all I need is a house with a wall to hang it on…all in good time.

Another project I tackled was making ornaments.


We have two magnolia trees outside and I collected their pods (free), spray painted them with oil rubbed bronze ($8), then glitter ($3) and I finished them off by painted all of the point with red craft paint leftover from the wedding.  I hung them with twine also leftover from the wedding.  I love how the glitter sparkles off of the tree lights.

Are you getting craft this holiday season?  What is your favorite way to display photographs?


6 Comments on “Getting Creative and Crafty”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Hey, whole new look on the blog! Stunning…less personal, which is probably ok…I bet most people did not get the meaning of the other look.They are not as close as I am. So, I decorated the tree today. It looks lovely. Can you believe I have a magnolia pod ornament? It is not as festive as yours though! I love that you are making presents. That is closer to the spirit of Christmas. Have fun! love, Moma Beans

  2. Rose says:

    I love this idea. Looks beautiful!

  3. Matt says:

    It’s rare that we get to see the photos displayed! Everything looks fantastic!

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