Digital Ephemera

I feel bad.  I said I was going to write reviews of my wedding vendors, and I did write about our PLANNER and CATERER, but I have been delayed on giving a HUGE shout out to our amazing photographers.

Matt and JessSource
We found Matt and Jess through a PA photographer who was already booked on our wedding day.  As luck would have it Matt and Jess were free and totally fit our style.  I wanted wedding pictures that were more journalistic rather than formal (which is actually really hard to do when you are are staging photos btw) and I wanted both Nick and I to jive with them.  If your photographer does not get you as a couple, how can they capture the day you spent months planning?  Matt and Jess also hold down full time jobs while they try and pursue their true passion of photography.  Some might become uneasy with this idea but to me it meant that they truly enjoy photography with their souls instead of just happening to be good at snapping pictures.  Oh, and they also love Maine! 🙂
IMG_8578Over the months leading up to our wedding Jess and I crafted the best package for our day.  Through multiple e-mails, I added a couple of hours to our day and we created photo credits instead of the original print sizes that came with the package.  I’m not sure how many photographers are this flexible, but I liked the ability to take a bit of the pressure off.  Jess even kept my updated when there was serious flooding happening in PA and the road to our venue was shut down on the day of our final walk through.  If not for her we would have driven over an hour in nasty weather only to turn around.

Finally on our wedding day Matt and Jess were relaxed, there was no shouting of orders, just letting the day progress while keeping time in mind.  They were open to hearing any of our photo ideas and gave the clueless couple some great shots.  Looking through the pictures reminds me of funny things that were going on at the time of the shot, like how I cannot pull of that looking serious at the camera without looking angry, smiling or laughing. 


Oh and I really wanted pictures with the fish at the B&B, while no one thought it was a good idea for me to be near a pond in my wedding dress, Matt cautiously snapped away.Warner-9288
Throughout the night they were super helpful and let me ask them to take pictures of a million people I had forgot to mention before.  They even pulled Nick and I outside as the sun was finally coming out during the “magic light” hour to take some pretty cool shots (one of which I blew up and had printed on canvas).
Honestly I could go on and on about how great our experience with Matt and Jess was.  They were seriously a perfect fit for our wedding.  They even stop by the blog!

If you are looking for a photographer in the York, Lancaster, maybe even Baltimore area (?), please check out Digital Ephemera.


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  1. Matt says:

    You know we couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

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