Springfield Farm Dinner

Sometimes I still eat meat.  Sometimes I still make a delicious well balanced meal off the top of my head.  Most of these times N is in town.  This past weekend all three stars aligned!

N and I took a trip up to Springfield Farm to visit the geese, get some eggs and pick up some meats to freeze and have for dinner.

The white wine, garlic and herb chicken sausage made it into Saturday night’s dinner.


I cooked up some millet (long lost seed) to add to a sautéed onion, garlic and 1 giant sausage mix.  To finish I mixed in some fresh chopped parsley and put the entire mixed onto of a baked portabella mushroom top.


This sausage was amazing!  SO much flavor to it and given their size we can probably get about 8 (4-6oz) servings out of a pack of 4.  Along with our bangin’ sausage I made salad of spinach topped with crispy parsnips and a balsamic mustard dressing.IMG_1445

This was a awesome meal.  Hands down best Saturday night meal in a long time!

Side note:  When I cut back on my meat intake to maybe once a week, I was worried that my system would react poorly to meat occasionally making an appearance.  I had heard stories about people’s bodies freaking going in both directions (veg->meat, meat->veg).  I am happy to say so far, so good!  Knock on wood.


One Comment on “Springfield Farm Dinner”

  1. Jacki says:

    I always thought you ate like a bird, now I know you do–millet?!? I kid, I kid. We actually made a vegetarian dish with millet this week, so funny to see you post on millet here as I haven’t cooked with it in years, and yes, Springfield Farms chicken sausage is quite delicious, now you’ve made me have a hankering for it.

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