My Soda History

Jenny recently posted about gender specific branding and brought up the new Dr. Pepper for men.  The TV commercial is actually pretty funny, but just the topic of soda made me think about my past with the stuff.

Growing up I had Apple & Eve apple juice every single day in my lunch box.  I don’t remember what I drank at home, but I know it wasn’t milk because my mom hates the stuff.  I was happy with my apple juice until I got to middle school and found out about Capri Sun and how “cool” they were.  I obviously needed them in my lunch box.  I’m not exactly sure when Capri Sun switched to soda but I do remember keeping a steady supply of Surge and Diet Dr. Pepper in my high school dorm (I went to boarding school).  From their I developed a serious need for Diet Dr. Pepper and Crystal Light Lemonade.  It did not help that we had every soda known to man available to us in college.  Once Cherry Coke Zero came out I got on that bandwagon as well. 

I never got crazy with 2 liters but a 12 pack of some kind of soda always made its way into my shopping cart.  Then I started reading.  Reading about how soda can cause your body serious harm and how regular varieties are loaded with sugar.  No wonder I was getting so many cavities!


I started cutting down to one soda a day (usually a Fresca or Cherry Coke Zero) then I transitioned into flavored seltzer water (NOT flavored sparkling water).  Finally, about a year later, I made my way to regular filtered water.  I now drink about 2 liters of filtered tap water a day.  This is huge for me.  I hated the taste of water.  I can still taste the differences in bottle water varieties and if you give me unfiltered tap water I will know. 

I understand that a lot of people suffer from soda addiction, but I knew this was a gradule change that took work to make me a healthier person while saving me money.  Your health is your wealth and cutting out soda was one of my steps to getting healthy.

Do you drink soda every day?  Why or why not?  Please share your opinions!


Finding A Voice

Over the past three years I have been discovering what nutrition and health mean to me.  I have voiced my opinion to others and got on my soap box through this blog. Now I am finally making my passion a reality.  I have officially taken the first step into becoming a holistic health coach trough the Intitute for Integrative Nutrition ® (IIN)!!!  I am so excited to begin this journey and finally channel all of my energy into a constructive environment.  Thanks to Ashley for giving me the final push 🙂

I don’t start classes until March 26th, but I am already reading the school’s book and exploring all of the resources available to me.  Going through the IIN book seriously lights a fire under my ass to finally make a difference.  American’s have such a warpped view of diet and nutrition, and I cannot wait to change that on an individual basis.

This probably means big changes for CCLB too!  I hope you will join me on this next chapter.

Food Advertisement

We are moving in 15 days.  I have ten boxes packed and it looks like I have done nothing.  I tried packing with wine last night and pretended Katherine was here to help me.  All it did was make me sleepy and give up on packing.  Maybe I will pump some jams tonight to keep me motivated before I head down to Penn Station to pick up N for the 4th to last time (not like I am counting)!

While I pack away, I do have the tv on for background noise and this week two commercials have made me angry and want to call up General Mills and Splenda to give them a piece of my mind.  Have you seen them?

The Splenda Essentials commercial, which I cannot find on YouTube, shows off the new line of chemical sweeteners now with added fiber, B vitamins, and antioxidants for “adding a small boots of nutrients in every packet” to your day.  So now you have sucralose, dextrose, maltodextrin, and 1g of soluble fiber (in the fiber packet).  Man they are willing to jam extra “nutrients” into anything.  Why not try eating foods naturally high in fiber like oats, flax, peas, beans, and apples?  I am pretty sure they will soon come up with a pill filled with personalized nutrition.
Moving onto the General Mills commercial that says cereals like Lucky Charms are now “healthy” because whole grains are the first ingredient.  Never mind that marshmellows aka sugar then sugar are the next two ingredients.  I kind of have a personal rule that if a product claims to be healthy by promoting that it has added fiber, whole grains, lower fat, or lower sugar it probably isn’t.

I know these a sort of rantings but I would love to hear your thoughts.  Have you ever bought a food because of the ad you saw?  I know I HAD to have rice crispy treats cereal when I was a kid or I would die.

Well hello ther…

Well hello there!

 I know I have been seriously slacking in the blogging department (probably the longest since I went toCosta Rica for a week?), but I honestly didn’t have much to write about.  There has been plenty going on, but I have had to hold it in until everything was finalized. 

N is finally moving back!  We are moving south to be closer to his job!  I can still get toBaltimorefor work, and we can still make it up to the city to be with our friends.  We are moving in exactly 18 days and signed our lease today.  In other words I am totally freaking out about having to close up shop, pack, break out lease, get rid of things that will not fit once we lose a bedroom and a bathroom in our little 850sqft dream home.  I am also kind of worried about how our kitty will adjust but she seems to go with the flow.  Thus is life and we are working for our future.

At least I get to live with my husband again!!!!

Home is wherever I’m with you.