Bison Empanadas!

Ole!  The shape of tonight’s dinner is basically the only thing that resembles your regular deep fried empanada.

I saw a chicken, fig, spinach, and goat cheese hand pie on the interwebs and I wanted to make my own!

These are what I came up with!


Bison, Spinach and Goat Cheese Empanadas – makes 5-6

  • 1/2 batch of Jenna’s whole wheat pizza dough (seriously the easies and most delicious pizza dough – can make ahead of time and freeze)
  • 1/2 onion chopped fine
  • 1 garlic clove, pressed
  • 4 cups raw spinach chopped fine
  • 2 hot italian bison sausages, casing removed
  • 10 tsp goat cheese
  • tomato sauce of choice for topping (optional)


  1. roll out pizza dough as thin as you can get it – I like thin crusts, but you could always keep thing thick and fluffy with a lower yield (you can also use store bought dough)
  2. use a cereal bowl to cut out 5-6 circles for filling – you may need to ball up and re-roll your dough
  3. pre-heat oven to 425
  4. sauté onion and garlic in olive oil until translucent
  5. add sausage and cook through – could also use chicken, turkey, steak, beans, whatever!
  6. add  the spinach until all wilted and mixed inIMG_1463
  7. spoon about 2 tsp +/- goat cheese onto dough then spinach and sausage mix
  8. fold dough over and make sure not to tear, pinching the edges
  9. place on cooking sheet or parchment paper – cook 7min, flip, cook 8min more or until golden brown
  10. Take out, top with tomato sauce, and enjoy! Make sure you don’t burn your tongue!


It might seem like a lot of steps but it is basically, roll out dough, cook innards, stuff dough, close up, bake, eat!


The best part about this meal, everything besides the dough was grown in MD, NC, or PA!  Sausage from Gunpowder Bison in Monkton, MD, spinach from Spiral Path Farm in PA, goat cheese from Firefly in MD, canned tomatoes from N’s aunt’s garden in NC. I am loving the winter Farmer’s Market Silver Spring!

2 Comments on “Bison Empanadas!”

  1. rugge says:

    So glad you’re blogging again!

  2. Heather C says:

    I made some of that pizza dough on Sunday and froze half – couldn’t agree more, it is so easy! And tasty. 🙂

    I had not thought to use it for anything but pizza – this is genius!

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