Adventures In Juicing!

Nick got a juicer for his birthday so of course  I was the first one to use it Smile  You snooze you lose!


It was a little loud and I was worried the pulp was going to get all over me, but I got out of it without a drop of beet juice on me!  I juiced 2 small apples, 6 carrots, and 2 small beets to make one large glass of juice.IMG_1500

So pretty and delicious!!!IMG_1502

I know there is debate about juicing in terms of cost/clean-up/missing the fiber, but I thought this was better than any other juice I have gotten from a juice bar.

Now what can I do with the pulp?!?!IMG_1503

Where are those chickens when I need them?


4 Comments on “Adventures In Juicing!”

  1. V says:

    This looks delicious! It’s true that some fibers are lost and perhaps a bit too sugar is absorbed by the body, but you cannot beat the load of minerals and vitamins you get with a juicer (not to mention the detox effect on your liver!)
    If it’s carrots only, you might use the pulp for a cake or as one ingredient of a home-made veggie burger.

    • Heather says:

      Oh that is such a good idea! I have seen beets and carrots used in burgers. I bet the apple would be good cooked up as a sweet topping for something too.

  2. I boil off the pulp with rice – lots of fiber and flavor!

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