Back in the News

Soda is back in the news.  Shocker.  This time, thanks to California law, Coke and Pepsi are changing their caramel coloring formula to eliminate the pesky carcinogen 4-MI.  This carcinogen is on California’s new list of cancer causing chemicals and thus must be given a warning label to be legally sold in the state of California.  No company wants to be slapped with the Surgeon Generals warning like cigs and booze have so now things are changing.

With this formula change comes many questions, how many sodas will REALLY actually hurt me?  According to the FDA about 1,000 a day, but don’t forget who pays their salaries.  There are other studies about how soda can negatively effect your health other than cancer such as, heart attacks, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.

I know that Coke and Pepsi are not changing because of the questionable health issues, it is more of a consumer pressure issues like we saw with trans fat, but at least we will be eliminating one chemical from this highly addictive substance.  My questions is, now that Coke and Pepsi products will be “safer” do you think people will drink more?  Do you think they are counting on it?

In my opinion, which I have expressed here before, drinking soda is like going out in the sun without sun block.  You may not get cancer from one day of exposure but over time your chances of developing health problems will increase so why put yourself at risk?

No one is perfect, we all drink a soda now and then, but maybe seriously cutting back from 2 liters a day would be a good idea for some.


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