Everything is In!

It is a beautiful day here in Maryland!  The garden is growing, and I finally got everything planted (minus a few replacement heads of lettuce after harvest).


Everything seems to be doing well except my snap peas and a couple of tomato plants that were sampled by a chipmunk or some other type of rodent ( we are pretending it could never be a rat…).  They seem to be the only trouble we have had with nibbling, which is good because I am trying to keep the garden as organic as possible.  I am actually more worried that my nibbler problems will be of the two legged variety come July.  As of today no one seems to want to steal kale and lettuce but tomatoes and peppers are a little bit more appealing.

The latest garden additions are pepper plants, some herbs and marigolds.


I love sweet red peppers!


Basil and parsley looking a little sad after watering.IMG_1574

Cheery marigold!  They are supposed to keep pests away and my mom will be proud of me for getting a plant that is not food.

Along with planting, I also harvested two Romaine heads and some more spicy salad greens.IMG_1571

Yay lettuce!


Both are hanging out in my crisper waiting to be eaten tonight for dinner!  My tomatoes are still very small but growing.  It is almost time to harvest some spinach too!  Green Monster smoothies and salads for all!


3 Comments on “Everything is In!”

  1. julia christine stephen says:

    good for you! 🙂

  2. Moma Beans says:

    Lilybeans, your garden is yummy! You are taking such good care of it, which is important. I had fun working in your garden with you. This weekend I planted my two vegetables – a jalapeno and a bush cucumber! I sure hope the cucumber works! St. Francis is watching over them. I also got an organic strawberry that will have to be in a pot on the front steps to keep the critters away. Love you, Moma Beans

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