Say hello to our new fur baby, Gator!


We have adopted a little man to be a friend and play buddy to Sissy cat.  She was not very excited about him but seems to be coming around.IMG_1597

He is about a year old, and he was surrendered by his owner to our beloved BARCS.  He is actually de-clawed already so someone loved him but could not keep him.


Gator is the name he came with, but we think it is because he likes to nip a bit when he plays and he has a “G” in his pretty coat.  Can you see it?

He seems to be settling in and is in love with Sissy, even if she just likes to watch him.IMG_1601

They both were able to sleep on the bed last night with only minimal hissing so we are making progress.  I cannot wait for them to be snuggle buddies!  Sissy is not so sure…IMG_1604


2 Comments on “Gator!”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Hi Gator and Sissy, I hope you become snuggle buddies soon. There is plenty of love in your house for both of you. I cannot wait to see you! love, grammy beans

  2. Katherine says:

    Yay for Gator!!!!!! Cant wait to meet him!!!!

    xoxo to you, N, Sissy, and Gator!

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