Garden Update

I know I said I would post a garden update up a few days ago but then the DC metro area got hit by killer storms, and we lost our internet for awhile.  Thankfully we never lost power.  There are people in our area that still are without electricity and major roads still do not have working traffic lights.

So…back to the garden


We are getting close to peak growth season – lots of green peppers and tomatoes.IMG_1679


I am starting to collect sun gold tomatoes and I have had one Brandywine ripen but then rot.


I just ended up cutting the bad portion out of it and eating the remainder for lunch.  It was delicious!

It is interesting to compare my heirloom organic tomato plants vs. my neighbors conventional plants.IMG_1677


Mine on the left about 4ft tall, theirs on the right at about 6ft.  I guess those modified genes are helping them grow.

It has been super hot out so I am trying to keep myself and the plants hydrated.  I am usually dripping in sweat at 9am after working for an hour in the garden.


It is hard work being a gardener!  Stay hydrated!IMG_1685


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