Hi!  Thanks for stopping by Chocolate Covered Lily Beans!  I started this blog to document my transformation into a healthier lifestyle through eating, activity and social awareness.  You can read more about my first steps in my Getting Healthy Page, journey to the half marathon.  I’ve come a long way from boozing every weekend in college and eating dominos pepperoni pizza late night, and I only hope to continue moving in the right direction.  I tend to document what is important to me in the moment, whether that be a meal or visiting a local farm.  I also like to talk about current food issues facing Americans today because we seemed to be kept in the dark on many of these topics.

What is a Chocolate Covered Lily Bean????  Well long story shot, when I created my blog my favorite cat in the world had just died (Lily), and I love chocolate and beans.  Simple enough but it is kind of a mouthful.

I currently live in Silver Spring, Maryland with my husband, Nick and our polydactyl cat, Sicily or Sissy Pants for short.  We follow a mainly vegetarian diet and have special occasion meat products purchased from local farmers in the area or from companies that we know and trust.  I mean who really want to worry about Salmonella from their raw chicken anyway?


12 Comments on “About”

  1. Andy Dufresne says:

    Good morning

    Your mother got me on the web site this morning

    I am Technology challanged Really neat stuff

    have a great day

  2. dailygoods says:

    just found your blog! i live in baltimore tooooo 🙂

  3. Katherine says:

    Love your Blog!! so many great and tasty ideas!

  4. Moma Beans says:

    Your blog just keeps getting better….great mix of yummy food, a positive outlook on what is most important in life and lovely spots of laughter! Please keep it up and have fun! Love, Moma Beans!

  5. Mark Smith says:

    OK, H…uh, Mz Beans,
    Just fell across your recent post requesting Waffle Tricks – and after reading prev. issues, had actually already been meaning to see if I can get you off store waffles…
    I really really have to recommend your basic big ‘ol square waffle-maker that has the irons w/ 4 waffs on one side and the other side flat, that can just pop in the DWasher and on which the killer (ahem) grilled cheez etc. can also be made. You can also open it up FLAT and have a whole lot of griddle space for anything you’d do in a skillet, as long as it ain’t drooly, since that’d run right off. pancakes, eggs, etc, work, for two. So not so useless/one-use. I have two, one in the outside/carport kitchen and one inside.
    AH AND… I just went looking for my Very Substantial Waffle & Pancake Recipe and am concluding that it’s never been written down cause it’s so dippy.
    Here we go:
    COMBINE in appealing quantities: WW Pastry Flour, Cornmeal, Blasted Rolled Oats (blended to flour-like consistency), maybe some Buckwheat Flour. Usually I go w/ 2 parts WW, one of CM and BRO, not so much BWF… add a teaspoon of baking powder and a little salt for each cup of dry mix, mix it all up and… you can freeze or fridge it in your basic yogurtware for quite a while.
    To carry on, crank up the waffleiron and make today’s batter:
    ADD some water &/or milk, some eggs and melted butter or oil of choice (extra lube for waffles!), mix and then add more W or M until nice and pourable but still thick – set aside for a little while and add more liquid if the cornmeal sucks it all up!!
    BRUSH some butter around on the waffleunit, lest you have to pry the first one off…
    UH… THE NUTS!! DID I MENTION THE NUTS&SEEDS?… this is the Key, beyond ribsticking wholegrain items above… when the unit gets hot enough,
    sprinkle goodly amts of your nuts/seeds of choice around the bottom griddle (I usually use RAW sunflower and sesame, sometimes almond, pecan or walnuts (busted up good)), close it and give them enough time to get nice and toasty…
    THEN pour the batter on top of the seeds, put top down and let ‘er rip!

    WARNING: you’ll never go back to that stuff from the store. But you can just make large batches and FREEZE YOUR OWN!! And you can mix up batches of the DRY ingredients ahead of time (I keep ’em in my freezer) so all you have to do when it’s waffletime, for one or many, is get the wet stuff in there while the iron is heating up !!
    Hug, Mark

    • lilybeans says:

      Wow Mark thanks so much for the suggestions! I will look into the duo iron and skillet. I may need to have a waffle post with all of these lovely ideas! I will try making these once I get my own kitchen all set up in the new apt. I will kee you posted! Thanks again!

  6. inmytummy says:

    Hello. I just found your blog. You look so much like this girl I know who lives in Baltimore also. Funny!

  7. BotheBoo says:

    hi your blogsite is so cool and inspires me to come up with fancy meal creations!!!!

  8. aunt nancy says:

    Hey…have a great Dad weekend.

  9. Just found your blog and noticed that you live in Baltimore! I live and teach in Howard County—small world! Looking forward to reading about your awesome B-More finds and adventures : )

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