My Getting Healthy Story

I was going to title this post “My Weight Loss Story”, but that really isn’t what this these past year three years has have been about.  I remember it exactly it was October 4, 2008 and Nick and I had just gotten back from our friends Catie and Scott’s wedding.  We had been drinking, eating and dancing all night so we looked a mess.  I remember looking in the mirror and saying “I really don’t like the way I look or feel right now”.  Honestly that is what I said, and I guess it was pretty powerful if I can pinpoint the day I decided to change my life around for the better.

I had always been one of those girls who would “eat like one of the boys”.  I now hate that saying because males and females do not require the same things from food to live and therefore should not eat the same things!  From high school to college I probably gained about 10lbs, but I was seriously skinny in high school so I was by no means large.  I ate tons of fast food, drink a lot and I don’t remember a day when we didn’t have bags of chips in our dorm room.  Ugh I was so unhealthy!  I also played lacrosse all 4 years of college so I am sure that helped me not gain more than the 10lbs, but I think it also gave me license to eat more junk aka always stopping at McDonalds on the way home from away games.

After college I moved to Boston, which is a walk everywhere city.  I started going to the school gym about 3x a week and making my own food every day.  Granted it was not always the healthiest, but I knew what was in it.  I managed to lose a little weight but nothing in my lifestyle had really changed.  I was still eating huge hamburgers with fries, plates of cake (ok so maybe they were cupcakes) and drinking every weekend.  Thank God for all that walking!

When I moved to Baltimore the lbs started to pile on.  I was unemployed and sitting on a couch all day watching The View.  After Oct 4, 2009 I started running about 3 miles every afternoon and it was really hard!  I thought that was enough.  Nick and I would get wings every weekend for the Raven’s games, play Ruit every weekend and my idea of a portion for dinner was still waaaaay off, but at least I was getting some exercise, right?

Wrong!  It isn’t just about getting out there are running to balance out all of the crap I ate it was about how the food was affecting me as person down to the cellular level!

November 10, 2009 I started my new job and joined the gym down the street.  I told myself I would go every day after work, and I did.  I dropped 10lbs in about 4 moths I want to say? but I was still not eating as healthy as I should.

Then I discovered the world of food blogging.  I think I was on the Self webpage looking up a healthy recipe or a new work out and I saw “Eat Like Me”.  Interesting…then there were links, a blogroll!  From there I found KathEatsRealFood and so many others.  Researching on my own about how food effects our bodies and how we can use to work best for us made more conscious about what I was doing with my life.  Every week I tried new ingredients and recipes and slowly moved away from the foods that have been genetically made to make me want them to those that will make me better as a whole.

In July my friend Jen ask me if I wanted to run the Baltimore 1/2 Marathon with her…I laughed…the most I had ever run was 6 miles and I thought that was the furthest I would ever go on an extra special good day.  A week later she had me signed up and I had a plan.

I built up my mileage and continued on my goal to clean eating.  I ate less meat and tried tofu.  I starting subbing oil with applesauce and egg whites for eggs.

By race day 10/10/2009 I had lost 20 lbs (total) and I love the way I look now.  I do not want to lose any more weight though so I am keeping a close eye on that.  I am strong, lean and my body tells me when I mess up.  It knows what it needs to be a well oiled machine of life.  Some people have commented at how skinny I have become (I never thought I was fat, I just really did not like the way I felt in my skin) and it honestly bothers me.  It has taken me over a YEAR full of dedication and really hard work to get to a place that I feel comfortable in my own skin, and honestly if I put on 5lbs I will not fret about it as long as I still feel good about myself.

Through healthy living blogging I have been able to take control of how I feel about myself and it has opened so many new world that I never knew were out there.  I now know what is on my plate and how it is effecting who I am and even the world around me.  Now that is POWER!

I am a Powerful, Intelligent, Eater and Exerciser.

I continue to run long distances because wtf did I train for 3 months for if I am not going to at least try to keep it up a bit????  That would be a failure in my mind.  I wasn’t just training for the 1/2 I was training for life. (Come on I know you love all my cheesy little bits throughout this post).

I am happy.  I love my body, I have a boyfriend who loves me, we have a kitty who is amazing, I had a stable job that just got better and I am saving and ready for the future.

What more could I really ask for?!

Update 12/2/2010

I wish I could say I am still running long distances but a few injuries have turned me more into a biker, swimmer and yogi.  I am concentrating more on local, sustainable and mainly vegetarian foods.  I love the Farmer’s Market and supporting the local Maryland economy.  I am still happy, but I feel as though I have matured a bit and am growing in new ways!

Thank you for reading.


13 Comments on “My Getting Healthy Story”

  1. BotheBoo says:

    this was really inspirational!!! you are beautiful…always! 🙂

  2. Amy says:


  3. DiningAndDishing says:

    just found your blog through lobster placemat… great story!! i would love to run a DC 1/2 marathon too 🙂

    – Beth @

  4. Heidi Champlain says:

    Good for you! Very inspirational!

  5. Rae says:

    Wow Heather -its the first time I read this and its inspiring!

  6. aunt nancy says:


    I just read this – obviously. What an inspiring story. I love your blog; wish I had any inclination to cook – or to eat much, frankly. But I’m trying. Your gym and running stories will help me get my own butt to the gym! I gave up running a long time ago.

  7. Yay! I love your story! I’m glad you’ve found a good place for yourself! I’m so happy you found my blog! I actually LIVE in Columbia! That’s the store I stopped at!! We should definitely meet up!!

  8. Hi Heather! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog–I love you and your inspirational story 🙂 So excited that you are moving to CT, we’ll have to plan a blogger meet up–and you HAVE to apply to the NYU program! Can’t wait to read more!

  9. Hi, there! I rarely comment on blogs, but I really found your story incredibly inspiring and motivational. Thanks for sharing!

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