Garden Update

I know I said I would post a garden update up a few days ago but then the DC metro area got hit by killer storms, and we lost our internet for awhile.  Thankfully we never lost power.  There are people in our area that still are without electricity and major roads still do not have working traffic lights.

So…back to the garden


We are getting close to peak growth season – lots of green peppers and tomatoes.IMG_1679


I am starting to collect sun gold tomatoes and I have had one Brandywine ripen but then rot.


I just ended up cutting the bad portion out of it and eating the remainder for lunch.  It was delicious!

It is interesting to compare my heirloom organic tomato plants vs. my neighbors conventional plants.IMG_1677


Mine on the left about 4ft tall, theirs on the right at about 6ft.  I guess those modified genes are helping them grow.

It has been super hot out so I am trying to keep myself and the plants hydrated.  I am usually dripping in sweat at 9am after working for an hour in the garden.


It is hard work being a gardener!  Stay hydrated!IMG_1685


The Tomatoes are Coming!

First tomatoes of the season!


Delicious sun gold cherry tomatoes picked right off the warm vine and promptly eaten after photo.  I hope to get a full garden report up tomorrow!  Until then, get out and enjoy some local produce! 

We are enjoying some local Gator around here Smile


Summer Squash


We have summer squash growing to the size of wine bottles around here!


I am not exactly sure what kind of squash it is because it was leftover from last year’s gardener and sprouted during tilling in April.


It is amazing that that giant squash came from these little plants in only 2 months.

What do you make with giant squash?  I made baked zucchini fries, but I really want to grill it!  Does anyone know what kind this is?

p.s. Hi Jaci Smile

Got Kale?

Kale is the new acai berry.  Well they may not taste the same, but it surely is becoming the health food spokes vegetable. 

This week it was time to harvest some leaves and plants new things!  I harvested kale and pulled the leggy spinach.  We have had a lot of rain lately and I think it is hurting my plants because our soil is high is clay content.


Back to the kale, we have a lot around these parts.


Yummy!  That is about $8 worth of kale from $2 worth of plants and it is still coming.

My favorite way to eat kale is via Kale Chips!

  • Pre-heat oven to 350
  • Wash and tare kale into chip like pieces – make sure leaves are dry
  • Coat leaves in olive oil, salt, pepper and any other seasoning of choice
  • Lay flat on a baking sheet in one layer
  • Bake in over for 10min
  • Check oven often – you don’t want them to burn!
  • Serve with ketchup and hot sauce combo or nothing at all

Even Sissy likes kale!


Try some today!


Say hello to our new fur baby, Gator!


We have adopted a little man to be a friend and play buddy to Sissy cat.  She was not very excited about him but seems to be coming around.IMG_1597

He is about a year old, and he was surrendered by his owner to our beloved BARCS.  He is actually de-clawed already so someone loved him but could not keep him.


Gator is the name he came with, but we think it is because he likes to nip a bit when he plays and he has a “G” in his pretty coat.  Can you see it?

He seems to be settling in and is in love with Sissy, even if she just likes to watch him.IMG_1601

They both were able to sleep on the bed last night with only minimal hissing so we are making progress.  I cannot wait for them to be snuggle buddies!  Sissy is not so sure…IMG_1604

While the Gardener is Away, the Veggies Will Play

My garden on 5/12/12


My garden 5/29/12


Holy cow.  We had 3 days of rain and then I went away for the holiday weekend.  The garden (and all of the plots around me) went a little bonkers.

After an hour of cleaning up…IMG_1593

I chopped down the mustard greens and my spinach.  My spinach had actually bolted Sad smile but I pulled off the leaves and got a huge bag of greens.  Guess what I am having for lunch!  I also put the mustard flowers into a ball jar on the dining room table as a lovely centerpiece.

The haul for the day…IMG_1592

Tons of mustard, spinach, Romaine, and a few green beans.

Growing shot!IMG_1591

This is the plant that was already growing in our plot when I started…I thought it was a cucumber but now it looks a lot like a zucchini, especially those flowers.  Now we are down to one cucumber plant, which is not doing so hot.  I might need to get another plant and maybe more beans…I just cannot stop!

Speaking of beans…


We had the few beans I harvested on top of our greens last night, and Nick commented that no grocery bean can ever taste as good as fresh from the garden.  He couldn’t put a finger on the flavor, but I love seeing people get excited about vegetables.  Green beans are his favorite in general hence another reason why I think we need more!

Other highlights/lowlights…

  • my snap peas are not happy and may need to come out
  • I am thinking about putting in some eggplant when the lettuce goes
  • my tomatoes are getting flowers!
  • more bean plants are needed
  • maybe another cucumber
  • it is almost time to harvest a lot of kale! (Nick will juice a lot of it)

Lesson Learned:

Check on your garden every day if possible!


What should I do when my lettuce, spinach and kale are done?  Will kale continue to produce after it gets to full size?  I am trying to learn more about how to handle things that don’t continue to produce once they reach maturity.

How are your gardens doing?

One Day In Maine

This past weekend was not only Memorial Day, but it was also my grandfather’s birthday.  I have gone to Maine every year for the past 28 years so I wasn’t about to miss this year even if I could only stay for one day.IMG_1583

We did a little gardening…



Visited the beach (it was packed!)IMG_1579

Ate some delicious food…



Celebrated a birthday!


…and visited the Bean BootIMG_1586


“100 years of roughing it in comfort”

Maine – the way life should be.