Adventures In Juicing!

Nick got a juicer for his birthday so of course  I was the first one to use it Smile  You snooze you lose!


It was a little loud and I was worried the pulp was going to get all over me, but I got out of it without a drop of beet juice on me!  I juiced 2 small apples, 6 carrots, and 2 small beets to make one large glass of juice.IMG_1500

So pretty and delicious!!!IMG_1502

I know there is debate about juicing in terms of cost/clean-up/missing the fiber, but I thought this was better than any other juice I have gotten from a juice bar.

Now what can I do with the pulp?!?!IMG_1503

Where are those chickens when I need them?



First thing: Mark Summers was just talking about Hostess Ho-Hoes and I really want one now!

OK now that I got that off my chest onward to dinner!

After apple picking on Saturday Nick and I have about 36lbs of apples…that’s a lot of apples!  It is about 1.5 reusable grocery bags full.

I am getting a little sick of just eating them as snacks so tonight I put together one of my favorite combinations – apple and onions.

IMG_0364 I love the sweet and savory flavors of cooked onions and apples and it is so easy to make!

  • Heat Olive Oil in a pan
  • add apple cider vinegar
  • add 1 whole chopped onion
  • add 1 whole chopped or sliced apple
  • add S&P
  • Cook for about 15min until tender

I threw kale on top of mine in the last few minutes to steam and add some green.


Besides my kale, apple and onion deliciousness I also baked a turnip and make mini sandwiches with a ricotta and herb spread.IMG_0361 Turnip sandwich!

IMG_0367 Ok so I know a lot of people do not like turnips/rutabagas like I do, but they remind me of childhood when we used to make them with a ton of butter and mashed.  The flavor is still there for the memory but the sat fat clogging my arteries is not!

Do you like rutabaga or turnip?  Any inventive ideas for my apples?

Tomorrow is a very special day for Moma Beans! 🙂

Friday Night Lights

Happy Friday evening!  Another week is done and the weekend is upon us.  This is going to be a busy weekend, but should be a good one.

Nick and I went low key tonight because we both have early morning activities that we need to be perky for 🙂

My office was super freezing today and I really wished I had soup for lunch, but when it is 80 outside I don’t think about soup!

008 Instead I have a lovely salad, crackers and apple.009 In the mix; spinach, tomatoes, carrots, avocado, pumpkin seeds and 2 pollet hard boiled eggs.  Check out how yellow that yoke is!  It looks even better in person.

I bet you can’t guess what I had for a snack…

010 Squishy banana on top.

I had planned on going for a bike ride after work, but when I got home there was serious cloud cover and wind.  Bummer, so I went to the gym.

I did 30min on the arctrainer and 20min on the elliptical.  I also did a few leg exercises, arms and abs.

A quick shower when I got home and then it was time to get started on hot dogs for dinner!  It was Friday Night Lights night so I made “game” food.  Well healthy versions of hot dogs and fries.011 2 Applegate Farm turkey hot dogs on a flat out fold with ketchup and hot dog relish.  I love hot dog relish, and it may be one food I will not give up.

012 013

Folded with a side of sweet potato fries.  Yum!  No nitrates for me!

Along with our hot dogs and fries I made up a salad.014 Romaine with tomatoes, carrots, cilantro and cucumber.  I dressed it with a EVOO, red wine vinegar, S&P and rosemary.

For dessert I had a little ice cream and brownie but I forgot to snap it before enjoying.  I had planned on banana soft serve, but my bananas did not freeze in 4 hours?  Does that seem odd to anyone else?

Friday Night Lights time!  Hello Riggins!

Loads of Spinach

Another Monday bites the dust!  Too bas it is still cold and rainy outside and it is supposed to be like this until Thursday :(  Do I live in Seattle???

At least I had some good food to get my through the day!  I had spinach with every meal today!  Crazy.  Just call me Popeye.

006 Spinach meal number 1: salad with mini peppers, maters, avocado balsamic.

007 I also had a mango and pb sandwich on Dakota bread.  Mango and nut butter is an amazing combination!  I may repeat this tomorrow, but it went down the hatch way too quickly!

After work I came home and made a lovely snack.008 Gala with homemade cinnamon vanilla almond butter.

009 After my snack I went and tried out some REI bikes.  I thought I would be able to figure out my size to compare other bikes, but they only come in small, medium and large.  I tried out a few and liked one, but this is a huge purchase and I would like to do tons of test rides.

When I got home I got started on a Meatless Monday dinner!010 I based this off an Ellie Krieger recipe for a ravioli toss.


  • pack of whole wheat 6 cheese tortellini
  • roasted red peppers
  • tomatoes
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • sauteed onion and garlic
  • avocado
  • dressed in EVOO, red wine vinegar, S&P.012

I also had a special little dessert that I think I left in the freezer for a little too long, but it still tasted good!014 Frozen chocolate Greek yogurt.

015 Left out to defrost, and enjoy!

On the exercise front my knee definitely loves the foam roller!  I think I am going to try and attend Bikram tomorrow, but it all depends how I am feeling.  The bike hunt will continue!

Dough Girl

Hello, Hello!  We just had successful Meatless Monday around these parts and I am counting it as my environmental contribution for the day.  Meat products contribute the most harm to the environment from the distance the cows or their meat have to travel to the chemicals used to grow the corn they eat.  Going meatless for a day reduces your impact on the earth AND usually can save YOU as the consumer money! Who doesn’t want to save a little green???

Before we get to the dinner meal we have to get through the lunch time hour.

005 Leftover polenta with spinach and Seeds of Change marinara.

006 This was my last piece of polenta in the freezer.  It was really good and I am hoping to make another batch when my herbs get larger.  They are having a hard time with this cold weather 😦

What is that white blob to the side you say?

007 Oikos with blackberries.  I am trying to get more protein in my day.  I feel like I have been slacking, and yogurt is a great way to get there!

I had an apple with homemade cinnamon vanilla almond butter for snack, but I was so wrapped up in a convo that I forgot to take a picture.

When I got home I started on making dinner by creating this…011 Honey Whole Wheat Dough!  I made dough from scratch in my food processor!!!!!!  I did have a mini disaster with the yeast and the CO2 being a little aggressive.  Note : allow yeast to breath with you mix it with warm water and do not put the top on the food processor or you will lose all of the water.  Anyway I got it sorted out.

In the fp went…

  • 3/4 cup warm water – there could have been more due to my explosion and the addition of h2o after.
  • 2 tbs honey
  • 1 packet yeast
  • ~1 cup WW flour
  • ~1 cup unbleached flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  1. mix warm water and yeast together and let sit for 10min to it comes alive mwah hahahaha
  2. Add other ingredients and use dough blade to combine until you have a ball on the side of your fp.  If your dough is still wet add a little more flour or that is at least what I did.
  3. Knead for a bit on parchment paper.
  4. place dough on parchment into a bowl and cover with a dish towel – leave out for one hour or until doubled in size
  5. Pound down and knead a bit more.
  6. Flip out of bowl still on parchment.
  7. Cover with bowl for 20min.
  8. Divide dough into 4 balls and go to town.012

What did I add????  Sauteed garlic, onion, mushrooms and swiss chard in S&P, red pepper flakes and oregano. The next layer was mozzarella, parm and feta and lastly some meatless balls.  I felt kind of guilty using a meat sub product but they are so darn tasty!  I have cut way back on eating them.

9.    Bake in a 450 oven for about 10min or until you have a golden brown crust.

013 These things were huge!  I thought that the 1/4 dough ball was too small, but I was wrong I ended up only eating 1/2 of this and will have the other for lunch tomorrow!


This dough was simply amazing!  Nick loved it and he is not a bread person.  He has no shame picking off crusts, but he ate most of his dough and that is a lot for calzones!

I ate my calzone in my garden because of the stupid weather.  I do have a starwberry and a flower coming out on my orange pepper!016

I also had some carrot fries and ketchup.

017 Great Meatless Monday meal!  I may have to try and make some more lovely bread after tasting how good this was!  So fresh and amazing.  No bakery can seriously compare to fresh warm bread right out of the oven, and I didn’t understand  that until today!



OK I am super beat and heading to bed.

Night All!

Burger Heaven

Another beautiful day enjoyed in my cube :(  I guess that is what makes the weekends so great, right?

My day went a lot easier that I had expected thanks to government websites crashing.  Was I supposed to say that?

Lunch was a little something of everything.

005 Salad, yogurt and apple.


My salad included spinach, swiss, tomatoes and lemon hummus.

I bet you can guess what I had for my afternoon snack!

007 Fig bar with the original oat topping.  Nick and I both confirmed today that we like the fig cookies better.  They just mesh better together.  These are still good and I might try and work in the granola bar section of it.

When I got home I watered my garden that made it through its first day!  I think I am going to have to bring them in tonight though…annoying, but dead plants would be worse!

After watering and feed Sissy Pants I headed out on a nice and relaxed 3 mile run.  my hammies were super tight so I just wanted to get out there and burn off some lactic acid without pushing it.

After my run it was time to get started on Meatless Monday!

I made these same portobello burgers awhile ago and they were on my mind again.


I marinated the camps in balsamic, evoo, rosemary and S&P before grilling them up on the griddler.  I also sautéed some spinach in garlic, EVOO and red pepper flakes that were added to the burgers.  The final step was adding the last of my Dubliner cheese and a toasted Ezekiel english muffin.


While I was worked on these I had some parsnip fries in the oven coated in EVOO, S&P and garlic powder.

010 These were dipped in a new organic ketchup that is made with agave.  It tasted more like tomatoes and I liked that, it was also thicker than the Heinz I am used to.

008 All together deliciousness!

I think I am going to grab a little chocolate before settling in for some Bones!

I hope you had a great Monday!

Olympics Day 1

Greetings from Guitar Hero land!  We have been switching between the game and Olympics all day long.  We also took a break to watch Duke stomp all over Maryland in Basketball.  Nick and I are both Duke fan thanks to our parents both attending.

I played with some pretty nice kitties this morning.  There was one that was just a lap lover named Sydnee.  She was a year old and seized from her previous owner. :(  Stupid humans.  Most of the animals are strays or owner surrendered, but there are a few that we get from animal control.  The animals of BARCS are just looking for love.

Anyway I stopped by Target on my way home to get Nick’s V-day present and when I finally got home I was starving.

I made the quickest thing possible, wrap and apple.

012 In me wrap; my last 3 meatless meatballs, LC wedge, Frank’s, lettuce

014 Apple with raw almond butter.

013 I really don’t like the raw.  I also had about 3 graham cracker sheets and a vanilla raspberry ice cream bar from Trader Joe’s.

All this food kept me full until at least 7pm when I thought that maybe I should get up and make dinner.


Roasted chickpeas, butternut squash, kale chips.

I roasted the chickpeas in clementine juice, cinnamon, S&P and apple cider vinegar.  Baked clementines are amazing with flavor!

017 018

B-nut squash with garlic powder, kale chips with the last of the Heinz ketchup.

Dessert was a tea, adora disk and sugar cookie.  No pictures.

We are heading to Ellicott City tonight to check out the night scene.  We shall see how it is over there.

Have a great night!