Wedding Weekend

Whoosh, where to begin?

Saturday morning.

I started off the morning with a trip to the gym.  I always like to start off am indulgent weekend with a good workout.  I did four miles of interval sprints on the t-mill, arms, core and some PT strength moves.

Before I left I had my last fig bar, but my camera at my picture.

When I returned I had an egg in a bagel hole with a caracara orange.

001 002 003


Then it was time for wedding number one!  We were only able to attend the ceremony.

005 This is the only picture I took!  Rebecca looked beautiful and it was a very nice ceremony.

After the wedding we dashed home for lunch.006 Leftover California Pizza Kitchen pizza, salad and Kashi TLC crackers.

007 008

I was still hungry after this, I think because of my early morning workout!  I had the other 1/2 of my bagel with pb, jam and banana.

009 Then it was time for wedding number 2!

011 013

I was sooooo windy by the water the guests were blowing away!  At least the ceremony was short and we were inside shortly, but I was still cold for a long time after that.

015 I started with a glass of white and some veggies, cheese and fruit.

010 Then we has small salads before “steak and cake”  steak with crab cake translations for someone like me.

016 I ate the crab cake, green beans and about 1/3 of the whipped potatoes.

The wedding cake was nothing special, which was seriously disappointing.


More pictures from throughout the night.





It was a great night and we danced the night away!

This morning I just wanted some runny eggs and toast.

That is exactly what we got at a very local dinnerish place in Grasonville Maryland.

024 023

This afternoon is going to be spent getting ready for the week and I am headed out to Giant in just a few.  3 weeks until the Farmers Markets open…I. cannot. wait!

I hope you had a great weekend!


Greens for Breakfast

Well it is still raining and very windy today.  I cannot wait for 80 on Friday!

Biggest Loser tonight!  I think I finally actually like someone but I will know for sure after tonight.  So far Jillian is the best even if she is a pill pusher.

I really hope to get outside this afternoon, but this rain needs to get out of dodge.

I switched up my breakfast this morning to get in my other 1/2 of my multigrain with flax Wegman’s bagel.


1/2 bagel with Sanibel pb and banana, green monster and coffee.

In my monster:

  • 3/4 banana
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 1/2 cup plian Stonyfield
  • 1 tbs flax
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • dash of cinnamon


003 Green with bubbles!  Lets see how it holds!

My computer is about to die and I still have some more green to slurp down.

Later Gators.



Cookie Day

I’m back!

I had a couple of glorious grocery runs today to Whole Foods and Wegman’s and my joy of food has returned!  I was also able to find Florida Strawberries and some pickled okra to cheer me up!

Before I set out I had a mix of yogurt and cold cereals.

001 Stonyfield plain, TJs fiber cereal, Uncle Sam, vanilla almond granola (I will be making my own once this runs out!)002 When I returned from my 3 hours of food shopping I dug right into my favorite Whole Foods cookie (vegan ginger spice) and I made a ice raspberry chocolate coffee.  I really like this flavor coffee.


After eating a cookie I made some!007 I picked up the new Cooking Light at the airport and this coconut chocolate chip cookie recipe!

I made some changes by using – unsweetened coconut, chocolate chips instead of chocolate bar, whole wheat flour instead of white and 1/4 cup less brown sugar than the recipe called for.

My cookies did not look as large as these, nor did I get 25 out of the recipe more like 22 perfect tablespoons.012 I had about 5 throughout the day.

Along with my first cookie I had 1/2 of a Wegman’s whole grain bagel with flax topped with basil and some Dubliner cheese.

005 006

I also had a baby green monster to get my greens in!

004 Simple; two handfuls of spinach, 1/2 naner, cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup almond milk.

After lunch I went to town cleaning the apartment like there was no tomorrow.  Dust bunnies grown very quickly while you are not around!

I finished promptly at 5pm to watch a nail bitter DUKE vs. Baylor game.  Final Four baby!  This year as been nuts!  The only number one to make it probably had the worst odds.

At half time I got started on a lovely Sunday night dinner.

FISH!  Trying to eat more!

Tonight I got some Rockfish aka Striper for northerners (ME!).

I marinated it in honey, thyme and S&P then grilled on the griddler…I almost had a small fire.


This was so moist and flaked perfectly!

Along with my fish I made up some wheat berries that I combined with some sautéed onions and garlic with a touch of white wine and parsley.

009 I love wheat berries!  So chewy and you can put them in just about anything.

All together now.


What is missing?  Something green!

011 I made a big salad of spinach, cucs, carrots, maters, goat cheese with white balsamic, EVOO and S&P.

I had a dark chocolate coconut cookie for dessert.  They remind me of mounds bars.  Mom and I were just talking about them on Sanibel!

Now it is time to watch the second half of Life (with Oprah, blah), it is mammals tonight!

See you in the morning for oats!

Snow Day!

Well hello there from the great white Baltimore!

We have made a few new friends today due to the lack of food.


Mr. and Mrs. C were among the many!  Sissy is in heaven and even thought she could somehow make it through the glass window and get one.  Yes, she may not be the brightest, but we love her.

So backing up to yesterday…

001 Work was super busy, but we always take time for lunch.

002 003

Salad of spinach, carrots, celery, tomatoes, avocado and balsamic  with a big hunk of herb beer bread.

I didn’t have my snack until I got home, but a glass of wine joined it 🙂


Last night Nick and I couldn’t figure out what to do.  I had to be at BARCS at 8:30 this morning for training, playing with kitties and escorting, so I didn’t want to make it a late night.  We settled on Disc One of Mad Men and Wegman’s PYO (pick your own) dinners.

My dinner included:

005 Multigrain bagel with flax (Wegman’s has amazing bagels) toasted with almond butter and jelly.  I also had a salad of mixed green, steamed broccoli, red peppers, tomatoes and a white bean pesto mix.  I also had a store made chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie.006 007

I had to celebrate cookie Friday!


Mad Men was interesting.  I mostly spent my time thinking about how my Dad grew up in the time this was going on and my grandfather worked!  I think I am more interested in the history rather than the actual plot lines.

I was up early this morning to get into the city of training, and I was really close to just going with a bowl of cereal.  I saved myself and had a lovely batch of french toast!


I dipped two pieces of Quinoa bread in 1 egg, skim, flax, cinnamon and almond extra (best part).  I topped my toast with a heated mash of black berries and maple syrup.  I also had some kefir with chia seeds, banana and almond butter.


This was delicious!

At BARCS today I adopted out my first cat!  It was great, but no one else wanted to look at cats so I called 4 hours my time for the day.  I finally got home around 1:00pm after deal with snow traffic, threw my clothes in the washer (Sissy cannot get sick from the other cats) and me in the shower.

I was more than ready for lunch!

012 Part 1: I made a little savory bread pudding with my leftover beer herb bread!  I mixed together about 2 slices of bread with 1 egg, skim, hot sauce and poured 1/2 into my cute ramekin.  Then I had a layer of spinach and tomato sauce.  I finished it off the the rest of the bread and 2 pieces of Cabot cheddar.  I cooked it in the mirco for one min to make sure the egg cooked then transferred it to a 425 toaster oven and cooked it for 10min.

013 Golden crispy cheese!  I think I would have cut down on the skim and put some cheese 1/2 way through next time, but this was pretty darn tasty.

For my dessert/lunch part two I had a delicious pear.014 I heated a pear with cinnamon for 1:30 then topped it with vanilla almond crunch granola.   Wow this tasted just like a pear crisp!  Next time; bowl and smaller pieces of pear.

Delicious DIFFERENT lunch.  I always feel like I have to make my lunches at home different from anything I could bring to work.

Alright, I need to get to the cleaning I have been putting off all day and check out what the weather is going to do tonight.

Stay safe in the snow!

Sweet and Savory

If you were thinking about buying a house and getting the $8k rebate, but didn’t get your act together on time, good news!  They have extended the buying time until April!  Nick was thinking about buying a house earlier this year so I wonder if this is going to change his mind?  At any rate it should be interesting to see how this will effect the housing market if at all.

Back to breakie…

I have had mini WW bagels in my fridge, well for a long time.  I needed to use at least one today, but a mini bagel is not enough for my breakfast!  I have seen a bunch of eggs in a hole in blogland, so I thought I would take that and roll with it.  I made my egg scrambled with dill, S&P and poured it into the wholes on the bagel.

002 A lot of egg got out the bottom, but I piled it back in.  I liked how the bottom got crispy, while the bagel stayed chewy!  Again one egg and one mini bagel is not enough (~160kcal) so I opted to use the other 1/2 of my leftover waffle.  I split a tbs of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl and banana on both quarters.

003 All together it was a sweet and savory breakfast and I really liked the egg in a mini bagel! 


I think a large fruit salad with yogurt might be its best partner?  I do have one bagel left, but I need more fruit to make an actual salad.  He can chill in the fridge a little while long 😉

Have you seen all the snow in Denver?!?!?  I really hope this rain they are calling for on Halloween stays away!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!!

Snack Fest

Welcome to Maryland, where it feels like New Hampshire!  It is so cold outside!  I am so happy I ran outside yesterday so I could be warm inside today!

Back it up a bit…

My second breakfast/snack as I mentioned was a mini WW bagel with chunky almond butter.

003 It looks so big in this picture!  I feel like to best determine if it is better for me to eat one large breakfast or two small would be to make one large breakfast and eat 1/2 at home and pack the second 1/2.  Maybe next week :)  There is always time to experiment!

I had quiet the enjoyable lunch of leftover latkes!!!

005 OK so the picture does not do these little guys justice!

004 2 latkes, whipped cottage cheese, carrot, grapes and more lime yogi dip.  Latkes were eaten with hands, maybe that is why they were better?

The afternoon moved on and into snack time!

006 007

Harry and David Pear my mom brought (dripping good) and some almonds.

I also dove into some pumpkin bread pudding when I got home…dessert before dinner, oh well.

008 So delicious!  I will be sad when all of this is gone.

After multi snack time I did 47min of yoga on demand.  Wow burning quads!!!  Some of those classes are so hard, but I felt so good afterwards.

Once yoga was complete I starting makin some dinner.  I gave Nick the option for Italian or Asian and he picked Italian.  This is what I went with.

009 Leftover cauliflower mash (Nick had barilla plus), sautéed onions, garlic, Portobello mushrooms, green beans, roasted red peppers, chili flakes, herbs, chicken and parm cheese.

010 House Hunters then The Office!

Night Everyone!!!!

Egg Craving

Sissy does not like being force fed drugs.  In fact she gets the strength of a strong man when you try to get something down her throat.  We struggled with it last night and once we got the meds in her it caused her to foam at the mouth like she was rabid!  This morning went a little bit better, but I am thinking I didn’t get enough down her throat because she wasn’t really foaming again.  Yuck.

OK on a happier note I was craving an egg for breakfast like no other!

I mirco’ed an egg to make a simple egg sami on a mini whole wheat bagel.

002 I should have added some sort if cheese or hot sauce, but I really wanted to taste the egg.  I also had a sliced banana and a piece of pumpkin bread.

001 Simple, different from oats and satisfying.  Perfect.

Biggest Loser Tonight!

Save the animals!  Looks like it is going to rain for the marathon…I am not excited for that.  I hope it changes!