Knobs Away!

Hello again! 

I am happy to be back one month later with another little house update project.  This one only takes about 20min and will help you figure out which side to open your kitchen cabinet from.  Or maybe that was just a benefit for me.

Here is our kitchen before.


Nice and cozy but about 2x bigger than our apartment kitchen and it has a WINDOW that will look out onto our raised bed garden come this spring.  Anyway, I always see home updates on HGTV where they update the cabinet hardware to bring it into this century.  Well we didn’t even have hardware to start so I got to have some fun with the drill again.  Oh, say “Hi” to Hal and Al, our Roosters on the kitchen mat.  Unfortunately these are the only fowl our county will allow to raise.

Getting back to the point…this project is basically a no brainer thanks to this nifty tool we picked up at home depot for about $7.IMG_1922

Line up with cabinet door, figure out which hole you want for your knob, pencil it in, flip to other door, and repeat on all cabinets with same hole.

Now comes the drill.  The cabinet tool came with the drill bit appropriate for the screw associated with the knobs we chose, thanks to them being from the same company, but I am sure you can find out the correct bit/screw combo online if need be.IMG_1923

After drilling I fastened the knobs with the electric screw driver and wham, done!IMG_1924

This is the kitchen after a few days of living with the knobs and tightening as need be.IMG_1925

And a close up…


It doesn’t look like much but it really adds something to the blank white kitchen.  To make it even better all 25 knobs were only $20 at Home Depot thanks to some super sleuth shopping my mom and me.  Now if only we could get rid of the damn fruit on the tiles…

And because no post is complete without a kitty picture, check out G-Man’s fangs in this one.  No wonder then call him Gator.IMG_1928