While the Gardener is Away, the Veggies Will Play

My garden on 5/12/12


My garden 5/29/12


Holy cow.  We had 3 days of rain and then I went away for the holiday weekend.  The garden (and all of the plots around me) went a little bonkers.

After an hour of cleaning up…IMG_1593

I chopped down the mustard greens and my spinach.  My spinach had actually bolted Sad smile but I pulled off the leaves and got a huge bag of greens.  Guess what I am having for lunch!  I also put the mustard flowers into a ball jar on the dining room table as a lovely centerpiece.

The haul for the day…IMG_1592

Tons of mustard, spinach, Romaine, and a few green beans.

Growing shot!IMG_1591

This is the plant that was already growing in our plot when I started…I thought it was a cucumber but now it looks a lot like a zucchini, especially those flowers.  Now we are down to one cucumber plant, which is not doing so hot.  I might need to get another plant and maybe more beans…I just cannot stop!

Speaking of beans…


We had the few beans I harvested on top of our greens last night, and Nick commented that no grocery bean can ever taste as good as fresh from the garden.  He couldn’t put a finger on the flavor, but I love seeing people get excited about vegetables.  Green beans are his favorite in general hence another reason why I think we need more!

Other highlights/lowlights…

  • my snap peas are not happy and may need to come out
  • I am thinking about putting in some eggplant when the lettuce goes
  • my tomatoes are getting flowers!
  • more bean plants are needed
  • maybe another cucumber
  • it is almost time to harvest a lot of kale! (Nick will juice a lot of it)

Lesson Learned:

Check on your garden every day if possible!


What should I do when my lettuce, spinach and kale are done?  Will kale continue to produce after it gets to full size?  I am trying to learn more about how to handle things that don’t continue to produce once they reach maturity.

How are your gardens doing?


Everything is In!

It is a beautiful day here in Maryland!  The garden is growing, and I finally got everything planted (minus a few replacement heads of lettuce after harvest).


Everything seems to be doing well except my snap peas and a couple of tomato plants that were sampled by a chipmunk or some other type of rodent ( we are pretending it could never be a rat…).  They seem to be the only trouble we have had with nibbling, which is good because I am trying to keep the garden as organic as possible.  I am actually more worried that my nibbler problems will be of the two legged variety come July.  As of today no one seems to want to steal kale and lettuce but tomatoes and peppers are a little bit more appealing.

The latest garden additions are pepper plants, some herbs and marigolds.


I love sweet red peppers!


Basil and parsley looking a little sad after watering.IMG_1574

Cheery marigold!  They are supposed to keep pests away and my mom will be proud of me for getting a plant that is not food.

Along with planting, I also harvested two Romaine heads and some more spicy salad greens.IMG_1571

Yay lettuce!


Both are hanging out in my crisper waiting to be eaten tonight for dinner!  My tomatoes are still very small but growing.  It is almost time to harvest some spinach too!  Green Monster smoothies and salads for all!

Garden Update!

Yesterday I got to work in the garden!  It is warm enough to start greens and peas so I went ahead and started planting!


I started by fencing off my little plot and found out it is about 15ft x 4ft.  Super long!  I tried to get out all of the rocks and pieces of glass while also checking out what was leftover from last year.IMG_1538

Bucket of rocks and lots of little baby garlics.  IMG_1536

Lots of little squash of some sort.  I pulled a bunch of these out so they  weren’t over crowded.  We shall see what they turn out to be!  Tilling was seriously hard work.


Next I dumped out a giant bag or organic compost and some organic plant food.  The odd shape is because I am trying to give everyone an equal amount of light and my plot is east, west lengthwise.  Till, till, till.IMG_1539

Planted!  4 mixed greens, 6 spinach, 6 heads of romaine, 6 heads of kale, 4 sweet peas, and 2 green beans.  Next up, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini, and herbs!

I need more compost!