Good Afternoon!

We have been busy today.  It started out with shelling at sunrise.

001 002

Then we were off for breakfast out!

Mom had been eying the Island Cow for breakfast and they had homemade granola, I was in!

003 I look very “vacation” in this picture.  Some would call it “just awake” or “un-kept”.  Whatever.  I really wanted pancakes, but also really wanted the homemade granola.  I opted to eat 1/2 of a side order of pancakes and an order of granola with milk.

004 Regular pancakes taste so weird to me now that I have been eating whole wheat varieties, but these were still good!005 This was a huge bowl of granola!  I ate about 3/4 of it and could have finished it off, but I stopped myself.

After breakfast we rode our bikes to the nature preserve to venture out in the kayak!

006 Through the mangroves!  Check out all the birds we saw!




Night Heron.


Swimming cormorant.

013 Pelican in a tree!


After about 1.5 hours of paddling we were done and rode our bikes back to the casa and drank a ton of water!

It is 3pm and I think I am finally starting to get hungry again.  That granola held me over well!  Time to make a very late lunch/snack plate!



Happy Ground Hog Day!  I love these crazy American holidays to break up the week!  Phil has a lot of pressure on his little furry shoulders.  I wonder what number Phil they are on by now?

I don’t know if it was Phil that inspired my oats this morning or the fact that I got in another round of core and arms before getting dressed, but they were amazing!


  • 1/3 cup oat bran, 1/3 cup h20, 1/3 cup skim
  • 1 large drop of almond extract (again crucial!)
  • 1 tsp chia
  • 1 tbs vanilla hemp protein
  • 1 tbs flax
  • cinnamon
  • 1 banana – 1/2 cooked in 1/2 sliced on top
  • 1 small handful vanilla almond crunch granola
  • 1 small handful of TJs fiber cereal
  • 1 tsp pumpkin butter
  • 1 tbs almond butter
  • 1 tbs orange cranberries

002 003 Drool!

And now for my favorite part of my morning posts! Food Rule of the Day brought to you by Michael Pollan! Rule #Eat Only Fruits That Will Eventually Rot.  “Food Processing began as a way to extend shelf life of food by protecting it from natural competitors.  This is often done by removing the nutrients that fungi, bacteria and insects are attracted to ie. omega 3 fatty acids.  The more processed a food is, the longer the shelf life, and the less nutritious it typically is.”

Time to get a move on.

Cheers to Phil!

Back to Work

Wow, 5:30AM came reallllly early today.  Like a smack in the face it is time to get back in the office.  Today’s key word: breathe.

It is 12 degrees here with the wind chill so I needed something to warm my bones.  Plus the ice on my knee doesn’t have me screaming smoothie.

001 Pumpkin oats!

  • 1/3 cup oat bran
  • 2/3 cup skim
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin
  • 1 tbs flax
  • loads of pumpkin pie spice, maybe too much?
  • chia seeds at end
  • vanilla almond granola
  • almond butter
  • homemade blueberry jam

I really liked the blueberry jam stirred in.  It was like a blueberry pumpkin pie.

002 Glowing glob toppers.

OK I need to get moving, I spent a little extra time setting up the crock-pot for dinner and I am running behind.

For those of you who are returning to the office today, remember to breathe!


Good Morning!  I can’t believe it is Monday morning again.  I also can’t believe how awful I slept last night.  Actually it wasn’t me, it was Nick.  He was tossing and turning the whole night which kept me awake.  I told him this morning that if this happens again to please go sleep in the other room or on the couch.  Needless to say I was not a happy camper this morning and will not be able to stay awake for the Raven’s game tonight 😦

At least I had prepared my breakfast last night!

Overnight AB&J with banana oats!

001 Last night I mixed the remains of my plain yogurt with 1/3 cup of oats, berry jam and a little almond milk.

This morning I added banana, flax, almond butter and Bear Naked granola.

002 I love this combo!  Off to fill up my coffee cup.  This is going to be a looooong Monday.  I hope your day is going smoother than mine!

Hello Friday!

Oh boy I forgot to post last night when we returned from kickball last night.  Truth be told I thought about it and then was super sleepy and had to hit the hay.  You didn’t really miss anything too exciting.  But here is the run down.


001002 003 For a little lunchie I had a WW wrap with spinach, leftover carnival squash and black bean salsa, a strawberry yogurt and two little French cookies.  There is a little cookie boy on the front if them named Lu?

My snack was a new product that I asked for a sample of a long time ago and finally got around to eating.

004 005

Bear Naked Cranberry Raisin Cereal…I don’t think this company makes a bad product I just wish they would cut back on some of the sugar, but I am assume a lot of it was from the raisins, cranberries and apples.

I hit the gym after work for an easy 6 miles at 6.5 and then increased for the last mile.  Sooooo boring, but there was some awful news reporting on the TVs while I ran.  Fort Hood, wow.

My dinner was amazing!

We hit up Wine Merchant on the way into the city for Powerhouse sandwiches.

007 Cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, munster, lettuce and peppercorn dressing on multigrain.  Sooooo goood!  I also had an apple and…a diet Root beer…for some reason it didn’t make it into the camera, but I can’t remember the last time I had soda pop.  It made me burp a lot!


Waffle Friday!!!!

I made the usual waffle with added amazing grass, and heated frozen berries, almond butter, a wee bit of maple syrup and Bear Naked granola on top.

008 Great way to start the day!

009 I have to find something great to do with my 2nd waffle!  Almond butter and apple sandwich tomorrow??? We shall see!

OK got to jet.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

ANY GOOD PLANS THIS WEEKEND??? Mine is going to be very busy!

Ravens Win!

RAVENS WIN!  Not only did they will the beat the undefeated Broncos by a ton!  Still in the game!

During the game I snacked on an un-pictured 3/4 of a grapefruit and then I dragged my butt to the gym.  I really didn’t want to go and NEED to get there before the Ravens game!  I hurt my heal last night, so I did 30min on the ArcTrainer and 30min on the stairmaster, arms and core work.  Oh and I was totally wrong about the sun…I got it backwards, too bad I won’t be getting up at 4:30AM to run.

When I returned I decided to make up some crab cakes over a salad.  Not the best crab cakes I have ever made, but the crab was still good.

018 I found a recipe that used yogurt instead of mayo and went from there.  I also used oat bran instead of bread crumbs.  Also in the cake; parsley, S&P, cumin (found out Nick does not like this), lemon and ground mustard.  Broiled.

019 For a little sweetness I had a bowl of zapped black raspberries with a 1/4 cup granola.  New 1 cup bowl!

020 This was actually a good combo.  Chewy and naturally sweet!

Now I am sipping on some peppermint tea and throwing on a scary movie.

See you all for Monday!

Kitty Alarm Clock

So I guess my post last night never went up nor did it save…here are two of my favorite pictures from the array.

032 Photo booth photo shoot.  I loved this thing!

031 Sicily and Nick both love Sunday football, but for different reasons.

There was more but Sicily woke us up very early this morning and I really don’t have the energy to re-write the whole thing.  So sorry.

I think the fact that it is Monday does not help!

I need a little chocolate in my life this morning.  In steps a chocolate explosion cupcake that were in the post last night.

036 One of these were broken over some oats.

001 1/3 cup oats, flax, choco explosion cupcake, cut up plantains (made those last night too), country pumpkin granola, almond butter.

002Oh I also mentioned that the Ravens won last night and the Stealers loose!  Number 1 in he AFC north! holler!

Got to finish up my oats and play with my alarm clock kitty.

Have a good Monday!