Integrative Nutrition Conference

When I boarded the Amtrak train and headed north to NYC, I had no idea what to expect from my first Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Conference.  I had never really ventured out of my comfort zone, and I tend to make grand plans that alway fall short.  When I signed up for the conference in July I knew I would not let myself back out of this one.

When we arrived on Saturday morning Joshua (Creator and Founder of IIN) asked us to think of our intention for the weekend and what we wanted to get out of this experience.  To put it simply, I wanted to be more confident in what I was doing.  I have received mixed support about my adventure into health coaching, but I have a passion for bringing an organic lifestyle to everyone.

Over the two days we heard from vegans and real food (raw milk, pasture animals) lovers, got some banging recipes for kale and quinoa, learned about the connection between hormones and food, understood the relationship between advertising dollars and what we put in our mouthes, and we ever learned some moves to show off at and Indian wedding.

It was amazing to see leaders in their field speaking live, especially my hero Marion Nestle, but it was the graduate testimonials that really lit a fire inside me.  If they could go out and change the world, why couldn’t I?  Between each session graduates took the stage and told the audience what they were up to.  Each of them had a unique story and seemed so in love with what they were doing.  These grads were given the same tools as me and they have created amazing businesses from independent programs to working with hospitals and schools.

At the end of the conference Joshua revisited his original question about what our intention of the conference was and whether we achieved it.  I would have to say, yes!  I have the tools, skills, and brain to do anything.  If so many people can make a difference, why can’t I?  I just need to believe in myself.

You can see more about my mission to make organic approachable to everyone at Grow Your Health.