This Is Not An Apartment

It has been a long time since I have blogged about anything.  Well this won’t even be a post about food!

Some of my faithful followers have asked for some updates on our new house.  Well it is coming together  slowly but surely.  The biggest change will be happening in about 3-4 weeks when Peachy gets a facelift and all new siding in “flagstone”.IMG_1903

Peach doesn’t really scream H+N, plus it is actually asbestos siding, which is a NOT a problem unless is breaks and becoming airborne (much different issues than with what we all know of asbestos insulation that gave everyone cancer in the 70s).  I can’t wait for her to come into this decade and get a bright red door!

Things inside the house are progressing slowly.  We are trying to conserve funds, but we also realize this is not an apartment.  Previously when we lived in apartments we kept everything pretty frugal.  Lots of hand me downs and working with what we had.  Now that we are trying to make our house a home, I am wrapping my head around installing things and using screws instead of command strips.

One of the main things I wanted to tackle was the “master bathroom”.



I laugh when people on house hunters walk into bathrooms bigger than my bedroom and feel they are not big enough because they do not have double sinks, a soaking tub AND a stand-up shower.  We are just happy there is a bathroom upstairs and it is not pink and black tile like our apartment bathroom was.

The bathroom was updated at some point – nothing fancy or high end but functional.  The only thing the bathroom did not have was storage (minus a very small medicine cabinet that can hold a toothbrush).  Oh and the seal between the shower door and basin leaked.  Yesterday I tackled storage and the leak.

Lots of tools were involved.


Don’t forget to measure twice and drill/cut once!IMG_1915

Use drywall screws if you can’t get into a stud.



I looked through many options at Ikea, World Market, and Target (my three go to places for things these days) and went with a series from Ikea.  The space is really small so I went with the lighter wood color and a higher floating shelf so that you don’t hit your head getting off the john.  The little towel covered storage cube has towels in it and might be dyed to one of the sea colors in the towels or bathmat.  I also hung two towel hooks in the wall so that towels did not need to be hung on the door or over the shower.  Gator helped out with all installation.IMG_1917


Looking out from inside the shower you can see our matching TP holder.  I had to remove the builder grade one to place in the storage cube so I picked up the new one for $0.99 at Ikea.  Now I just need some spackle to fill in the SIX hole they felt they needed to drill to install the old one.

I need some more storage items on the shelves for small items most often found in the lien closet that we don’t have like Advil.  Other than that I am just waiting for the caulk to dry and test out the shower.  It will be nice not to have to walk downstairs to shower.  A vast improvement if I do say so myself and all for about $60.

Our house is pretty small so any small space storage tips are totally welcome!

Until next time.


H1N1 and Flacco

The weekend is coming to a close again. Once again it has ended too quickly.

After my Halloween themed breakfast I dropped Ayche ( the letter H in Spanish) off at the Honda dealer for his annual tune up.  I knew it was going to be expensive, but it always hits you hard.  I had saved away for it and saved $50 with an online coupon, but it still stings.

When I returned home I made a little lunch and cleaned the apt. top to bottom.

001 002

Hummus, goat cheese and spouts toasted.  I also had veggie chips with black bean salsa.

Once I finished my cleaning I had a little granola in milk for an afternoon snack before picking up Ayche.

003 When I returned with the car it was time to get ready for heading down town and try to figure out what we were going to have for dinner.  I didn’t want to make anything, but we did have leftovers in the fridge!  Nick had the ravioli from Thursday night and I had my veggie bake from Friday in a wrap with apple slices and cinnamon.

004 We took the light rail into the city…always an adventure, and ended up at where else?  Garrett’s house!

006 I was swine flu!  HAHAHAHA!  Nick was Joe Flacco (for those who don’t know he is the Raven’s QB and has a uni-brow)

005  The other gentlemen at the establishment.  We have the tooth fairy, superman, jester, Flacco and karate master.

007 009

Oh that cheezit box in the lower right corner had no chance…I figured out what makes them taste so good…butter!

We ended up going home pretty early.  We pulled a middle school and had Nick’s dad pick us up from the city, and I was a dummy and forgot my ID.  The lines were long and there were SO many people inside.  Hot sweaty bars aren’t really my cup of tea anymore.

010 Overall good Halloween night, and I only has to spend 52 cents on the mask 😉


I woke up at 8 (which my body thought was 9) and needed some breakfast.  I went with a dinner at home meal.  Omelet and toast cut on the diagonals.

011 012 013

I had a 2 egg omelet with goat cheese and tomatoes.  On my toast I had regular butter, pumpkin butter, peanut butter and berry jelly.

Then it was time to head off to Ikea!

I needed to get a bench to put my plants on inside, a few picture frame and some new bowls.

Oh and I cannot forget my $1 fo-yo that I always get after shopping!

014I didn’t get a bench, but I did get those little wooden plant stands for less than the bench.  They can also double as tables for our outside chairs.  Yes, I also got a plant and some other things that weren’t exactly on the list, but I did better than I usually do there!

After Ikea I headed to Giant to pick up a few things for the week.  I also got attacked by girl scouts and had to buy a box of thin mints and samoas.  The thin mints went directly into the freezer when I got home and I got to making up a lunch quickly before the Raven’s game started!

015   016

Can of Amy’s minestrone and some whole grain crackersin my new Ikea bowls!

I also had 2 thin mints from the freezer.