Monday, not so Fun Day

Monday Done!

Always the best feeling!

How I Met Your Mother was pretty lame tonight, which kind of puts a damper on things.  I still need to pack lunches blah.  OK positive, positive!  I am making Nick go apple picking with me this weekend!  So that is something to look forward to.  They even have pick your own broccoli!  I am super excited, Nick not so much, but he is a trooper!

It was actually quiet around the office due to the holiday so I got work done without too many interruptions.  One of them was a delicious packed lunch.

003 Organic romain, leftover brussels and lentils along with a large dollop of spinach hummus.  I also had some kashi crackers and an orange.


Hummus blob!

Tick, tick, tick…slow moving afternoon and I couldn’t wait for my snack around 3:30.  My last 2 apricot carob oat rounds.  I thought I would never get to the end of them.

005 I also had a La Croix cranberry raspberry seltzer.

I took it easy at the gym today.  I was a bit sore from my run yesterday and my knees were bothering me a bit from the combo of dancing in heels and running 11 miles.  (Pause to get ice from freezer and place on knee)

I just did 30min on the ArcTrainer and 15min arm set and 15min core.  Just got the blood flowing and my arms really need some more work!

My knees actually felt better after I got it moving.

I got home relatively early due to my shorter workout so I was able to finish up the cleaning I didn’t get to yesterday…moping and bath room cleaning.  Oh the joy!

I had seen Meghann use the almond meal from TJs on chicken tenders and I thought it looked mighty good!

I doused mine in egg whites then a mixture of almond meal and garlic herb salt free spice.

007 It came out really well!  Just like healthier chicken tenders!  Nick enjoyed them too.  I also sautéed some mushrooms and onions in low sodium veggie broth and I baked triple summer squashes along with the chicken for 20min.

006 I had 1.5 tenders, a ton of veggies and a piece of WW Anadama bread with a bit of butter.  Yum, and different!  I am trying to make new things…getting kind of sick of the usual.

For dessert I had one of my exploded chocolate tofu bombs.

008 It was basically like a doughy chocolate pudding cup.

Time to go hang with my lady and man.  I hope she doesn’t wake us up at 5am again!

Night all!


Top Chef Wednesday

So who is excited for Top Chef tonight???  I know I am.  I even went to the webpage to snoop around and ended up taking the “Which Top Chef Judge Are You?” Quiz.  I am Gail, which is cool with me because out the three I would want to be her, Tom 2nd and Padma 3rd.

My muffin DID NOT hold me this morning and I found myself heading into my prune bag around 10:30 to keep me until lunch.  I was kind of sad about this, but felt that it would happen.  Maybe it was all mental?

I was ready to eat again around 12:30.

I used my leftover lentils to make a flatout wrap this morning with spinach and hot sauce.  I also had an overflowing Greek Chobani plain yogurt with pumpkin granola and a white CT nectarine.


I can’t forget my Adora disk!  I am down to the last one of these and will have to stop by the dangerous Whole Foods soon.

I had a little water bottle malfunction with a lemon seed!

004I had the same afternoon stack as yesterday and it was delicious again.  Good thing it was the same…I forgot to take a picture.


I ran 6.56 miles today in 58:36!  That is the furthest I have run EVER.  The best part about it is that I included hills AND I felt great after it.  I could have kept going, and I know that means I can really run a 1/2 marathon if I train at it.  I am still pretty scared, but knowing I am 1/2 way there and feeling good really boosts my confidence. Yes I am tooting my own horn here!


Dinner involved more cleaning out.  Angel hair pasta, frozen edamame, frozen asparagus, frozen shrimp and 1/2 an onion – gone.

007I marinated the shrimp on fresh grated ginger, jalapeno and the juice of two limes before I left for me run – so they soaked for about 2 hours.  I heated all of this up in a skillet and put it over pasta.

I also made a little veggie plate for Nick and I to split with red wine vinegar mustard dressing for dipping.  Tomatoes from CT and MD gardens, cuc, carrot.

008My Mommy’s tomato was so delicious!  Thanks mom!

We are settling in for Top Chef, why is it on sooooo late???!?!!?  I am hoping to watch from bed and not fall asleep during it.  Oh getting old is so much fun!

******Big news!  Biggest Loser Bios are up!!!!  The theme is “second chances”?*******

Am I the only one excited about this?