Lentil Love

I am so beat!  I am not really sure why, but I do have a lot to do tomorrow so I am planning on watching Jamie Oliver in bed once I am done with this post!  I can’t believe it is series finally tonight, I wish they had touched on more aspects of the backwards food programs of America ie. farming and labor!  I guess with only 6 shows you can’t go that deep into the story.

I was really uninspired while making lunch today so I was only excited to eat because I was hungry.  I hate meals like this!  They seem to happen on Fridays when the fridge is running low on the good stuff.

 011 Wrap and orange. Yep.

012 I really like Minneola oranges better than navel ones!013 In the wrap: carrots, maters, LC wedge, lemon hummus, hot peppers.  It was not enough.  Thankfully the group next to us was having a party and they shared their leftovers.  Some of the food was not pretty.  You should see people around free food!

014 I snagged some olives and cheese, which is exactly what I needed.

The day came and went and I was finally on my way home through awful Friday afternoon traffic.

I made a little pre-gym snack before heading out the door.015 I am slowly finishing some bagel thins, but I really put off by how many preservatives they have in them.  I can’t throw food out but they have been on my counter for at least a month and have no mold.  My Wegmans bread grows mold in 3 days…yep.  Anywho I spread on homemade cinnamon vanilla almond butter and jelly.  Best after work/school snack.

Then I went to the gym to test out the calf/knee.  I did 30min on the elliptical and 15min incline walk, with a 2min run to end.  My calf is still a little stiff, but I think with rolling and another day off she should be good to go.  My knee is still the same, working but I need to be nice to it.  Arms, legs and core then home for dinner!

Nick was no here for dinner so I got to make something he is not a fan of, lentils!  Man I love lentils.

I have heard of Snobby Joe’s all over the web so I started with this recipe and just went with it.

018 I didn’t have any tomato sauce so I added marinara and fresh tomatoes.  I also 1/4 the recipe because I was only making one serving. These were so good!  Lentil love baby.

Along with my lentils I had some green beans drowned in sweet and spicy mustard that made my nose run!  It is like wasabi in that way.


016 Jamie Oliver is making me laugh.  A child had McDonalds in Elementary school…yep.

OK time to hit the hay.  Where is Sissy Pants?

Enjoy the weekend!


Wedding Weekend

Whoosh, where to begin?

Saturday morning.

I started off the morning with a trip to the gym.  I always like to start off am indulgent weekend with a good workout.  I did four miles of interval sprints on the t-mill, arms, core and some PT strength moves.

Before I left I had my last fig bar, but my camera at my picture.

When I returned I had an egg in a bagel hole with a caracara orange.

001 002 003


Then it was time for wedding number one!  We were only able to attend the ceremony.

005 This is the only picture I took!  Rebecca looked beautiful and it was a very nice ceremony.

After the wedding we dashed home for lunch.006 Leftover California Pizza Kitchen pizza, salad and Kashi TLC crackers.

007 008

I was still hungry after this, I think because of my early morning workout!  I had the other 1/2 of my bagel with pb, jam and banana.

009 Then it was time for wedding number 2!

011 013

I was sooooo windy by the water the guests were blowing away!  At least the ceremony was short and we were inside shortly, but I was still cold for a long time after that.

015 I started with a glass of white and some veggies, cheese and fruit.

010 Then we has small salads before “steak and cake”  steak with crab cake translations for someone like me.

016 I ate the crab cake, green beans and about 1/3 of the whipped potatoes.

The wedding cake was nothing special, which was seriously disappointing.


More pictures from throughout the night.





It was a great night and we danced the night away!

This morning I just wanted some runny eggs and toast.

That is exactly what we got at a very local dinnerish place in Grasonville Maryland.

024 023

This afternoon is going to be spent getting ready for the week and I am headed out to Giant in just a few.  3 weeks until the Farmers Markets open…I. cannot. wait!

I hope you had a great weekend!

More Figs!

Good afternoon.  How are are you doing today?

My day started early this morning with a lovely french toast breakfast.


2 slices of Wegmans bread dipped in egg whites, cinnamon, flax, almond extract and skim.

002 Topped with dark chocolate pb and grilled banana.  I think I actually like my bananas raw better.  I like the temp and texture difference from the toast.

003 Still delicious though!

After breakfast I had to go to the post office and grocery store before coming home and bake!

The star of the show…


A lovely little fig!  It was finally time for me to try and make my version of fig newtons.

In the food processor… the bar filling.


I used the same graham cracker recipe as before except I threw in some oats instead of WW flour… this actually made them less doughy and more like batter.  It was nice that I didn’t need a rolling pin but it got me worried.

006 These actually came out better than I expected!

013 014

They were crispy on the outside crust and chewy on the inside.  I would have liked to have a little more crunch, maybe I can par bake the graham before adding the middle fig?  I just don’t want them to burn!012 While these were cooking I made an AMAZING egg sandwich for lunch!


I used Ashley’s and Kelsey’s poke an spread method to cook two eggs and put them on a Wegmans bagel with 1/4 avocado, lemon hummus, lettuce and some hard cheese I got at Whole Foods.

010 I had a bunch of fruit on the side.


All together!


Alright time for me to get ready for the BB&Q festival!

Now if I could only find my date!

Sick Day

Welcome to the sick bay.  I only made it two hours at work before throwing in the towel for a sick day.  I came home to snuggle with Miss. Sissy and read more into the new Real Simple.

025 I finally got up to make a little lunch around 12:30.  Since I was at home I thought I would take advantage of the toaster oven and my Dubliner cheese I got for St. Patrick’s Day.


I melted some cheese on a whole wheat bagel thin.

I also had the salad that I had packed to eat at work.023 Salad with baby arugula, celery, carrots, avocado and cucumber with balsamic and mustard.

All together now.

022 I have been chugging water all day long and I had a little vitamin C boost for my afternoon snack + peppermint tea.

028 029

Orange slices cut the KERF way.  I will never cut an orange in wedges again!

I was feeling a little better for dinner, I really think I just have very bad allergies, so went with Nick to meet his mom for dinner.  We went to Italian Gardens and I got the Greek Salad and steamed veggies bake.  The salad was good and as I figured there was way too much cheese on the bake.  It was still pretty delicious and I was easily able to take off some of the cheese.  I also had a Sam Adams with dinner.

I had two Adora disks for dessert and a bit of Nick’s peanut butter cup ice cream.

Time to go watch some Wire and cuddle with Sissy pants.

Night All.  Tomorrow will be better 🙂

Something New to Chew On

Hello, Hello!  I am going to try and make this short because I have a date with a new book!

015 I had been looking for this book in a ton of bookstores to read a few pages, but no one carried it.  I got the brilliant idea yesterday to look it up on the Baltimore County Public Library database.  There is was, in another library and it was delivered to my local branch within 24hrs.  I think this system is so awesome!  Technology I tell ya.

My doughy oats held me wonderfully for 5.5 hours!  It was then time for a delicious lunch.  Leftover pizza!



Along with my pizza I had a Minneola orange.

007 009

The little nub on the top pops right off so you have a place to start peeling.  It didn’t really taste anything special unfortunately.006 I finally remembered to bring my pre-gym snack to work, and it was a good one!

010 Honey Graham Zbar.  I want to try my hand at making these on my own.  I love graham and it seems like all you need is oats, oat flour and flax…well maybe a few more things but I want to try!

I had another great workout at the gym!  my knee did not hurt, nor does it now.  I am icing just to be on the safe side.

  • 5min walk @3.5
  • 5min incline 10.5 @3.6
  • 10min run @5.0-5.5
  • 5min incline 10.5 @3.6
  • 5min walk @3.5
  • 2.05miles!!!!!!!!!!

I also did a little arms and core work before hitting up the library.

I came home to make a smashing dinner.  Two thumbs up from Nick too!

Chicken Fingers with Wheat Berry Salad011 I took two Nature’s Promise organic chicken breasts and sliced them.   Then dunked them in a mix of egg whites and Kefir then into a complex mix of almond meal, flax, lemon herb spices, allspice, S&P.  I then baked them at 375 for 15min.


I dunked the little suckers in a mix of honey mustard and soy sauce – it was actually a really delicious combo.

014 In the wheat berry salad I mixed; wheat berries, sautéed onions, white wine, asparagus and tomatoes.  I topped it off with a little cheddar and S&P.

013 The only thing I would change would be to maybe use a blue cheese or feta?  Something with a little more bite.  I couldn’t really taste the cheddar.

Awesome dinner!

Time to go read, snuggle with Sissy and drink some green tea!016 She is ready!

Have a great night!

So, How About that Run?

Before getting to the running portion of my afternoon I am going to lead you there through some food.

003 Spinach, tomatoes, peppers and goat cheese gratin salad.  Orange cut like KATH!  Why has no one else thought of cutting oranges like this before????  I guess bartenders know about it.

004 005

Look at those layers of potatoes!  I used the mandolin that Nick’s mom got my for Christmas on the smallest setting and it was so easy!

The afternoon came and went and my nerves started to get really high.  I snacked on the last of my prunes and almonds from my desk on my way to the gym.


It was so weird remembering what to pack this morning.  I had to go back to the bedroom at least 3 times before I got it all.

Then it was time.  I had my knee brace on that I had gotten for my PFPS just for a little extra crutch.  My heart was racing.  160 standing on the t-mill!!!!!  I sent the machine for 12min at 6.0 no incline.  2 min in I had to stop (did you think it was going to be positive?).  It wasn’t that I was in so much pain I had to stop, but I knew my knee was not right.  I want it to be 100% OK before I start running again.  I got off and did some core work.  It no longer hurt.  I pulled off the brace and got back on the t-mill to make sure I was really off or it was all in my head.  I finished my planned mile, but my knee still felt wonky. When I got off I could feel my knee.  You aren’t really supposed to feel your knee it is just supposed to be there.  I finished my workout with arms and some PT strength moves (what did I have to loose?)  I got into my car and held back tears.  I had just started really running, how could it be over already?

Now I am showered and iced and interested to see how my knee feels in the morning and walking into work.

Where do I go from here?  Get and MRI, see the Dr again?  I am going to see how my knee feels in the morning, talk to Ray and then go from there.  It is not the end of the world, but I don’t really like swimming.  I will have to ask my Dr. what I CAN do if I can no longer run.  Wow that is still so weird to think about.

OK so back to the food…Nick had a soccer game tonight so I mad a meal that is easy and he has recently declared one of his favorites!

008 Curry tofu (he had chicken) with kale (he had spinach).  I love TJs curry sauce!  I also had a everything bagel thin with real whipped butter.  Smart Balance has nothing on whipped butter.009 Steamy tofu and kale.

For dessert I had 1/2 a banana with a smear of dark chocolate PB.

010 I am now watching some Pics (as my mom calls them) and drinking some tea.  At least my lilies are still beautiful and smell amazing throughout the house.


It is also my loves birthday so I am going to try and put on a happy face when he gets home.


(One of the messages I left around the house this morning for him to wake up to)

It is not the end of the world…


Monday, not so Fun Day

Monday Done!

Always the best feeling!

How I Met Your Mother was pretty lame tonight, which kind of puts a damper on things.  I still need to pack lunches blah.  OK positive, positive!  I am making Nick go apple picking with me this weekend!  So that is something to look forward to.  They even have pick your own broccoli!  I am super excited, Nick not so much, but he is a trooper!

It was actually quiet around the office due to the holiday so I got work done without too many interruptions.  One of them was a delicious packed lunch.

003 Organic romain, leftover brussels and lentils along with a large dollop of spinach hummus.  I also had some kashi crackers and an orange.


Hummus blob!

Tick, tick, tick…slow moving afternoon and I couldn’t wait for my snack around 3:30.  My last 2 apricot carob oat rounds.  I thought I would never get to the end of them.

005 I also had a La Croix cranberry raspberry seltzer.

I took it easy at the gym today.  I was a bit sore from my run yesterday and my knees were bothering me a bit from the combo of dancing in heels and running 11 miles.  (Pause to get ice from freezer and place on knee)

I just did 30min on the ArcTrainer and 15min arm set and 15min core.  Just got the blood flowing and my arms really need some more work!

My knees actually felt better after I got it moving.

I got home relatively early due to my shorter workout so I was able to finish up the cleaning I didn’t get to yesterday…moping and bath room cleaning.  Oh the joy!

I had seen Meghann use the almond meal from TJs on chicken tenders and I thought it looked mighty good!

I doused mine in egg whites then a mixture of almond meal and garlic herb salt free spice.

007 It came out really well!  Just like healthier chicken tenders!  Nick enjoyed them too.  I also sautéed some mushrooms and onions in low sodium veggie broth and I baked triple summer squashes along with the chicken for 20min.

006 I had 1.5 tenders, a ton of veggies and a piece of WW Anadama bread with a bit of butter.  Yum, and different!  I am trying to make new things…getting kind of sick of the usual.

For dessert I had one of my exploded chocolate tofu bombs.

008 It was basically like a doughy chocolate pudding cup.

Time to go hang with my lady and man.  I hope she doesn’t wake us up at 5am again!

Night all!