Shrimp and Potatoes

Yep, they don’t really should like they should go together, but I promise you, they do.

IMG_0038 Ingredients: Serves 2

  • 6 fingerling potatoes
  • 1 onion
  • 1 clove minced garlic
  • 1 pint baby bella mushrooms
  • 2 cups of spinach
  • 12 count large shrimp
  • oregano
  • S&P
  • juice of one lemon
  • EVOO
  • squirts of hot sauce (optional)


Sauté the onion in a medium to pan with the oil.  Dice the potatoes into rounds and throw them in the pan along with garlic.  Cover and cook for about 5min.  Add the mushrooms and stir.  Turn down the heat to med-low re-cover and cook for another 5min.  While this is cooking sauté the shrimp in oil, S&P in a separate pan.  Add spinach and juice of lemon and cook for 2 more min.  Plate potato mixture and top with shrimp and hot sauce.

IMG_0042 Serve with a veggie filled side salad.

IMG_0040 Enjoy!


Something Different

So I have been making a lot of salads for summer.  Tonight I took a step back and made something on the stove top and in it.

IMG_0010 I also wanted to make something special for Nick because he had to go to NYC today for work and was stuck on the train for an extra 3 hours.  No fun.

I started by coating baby fingerling potatoes from the farmers market and an onion with EVOO, rosemary for the garden and S&P.

Slow roast at 350 for 25min.

IMG_0014 Side Notes: I need to work on the mirco setting on my camera ASAP

While the potatoes were roasting and marinated some fresh shrimp in garlic, EVOO, lemon juice, thyme, oregano and S&P.  I threw them in a pan with Wax beans from the FM, butter, S&P, red pepper flakes, basil and parsley. – I used all of my herbs today!

IMG_0013 Pretty.

IMG_0011 It was nice to have a slow roast side of dinner and a side of quick crunch.  Loooove slow roasted rosemary potatoes!

Time for Top Chef!

Have a great night!

Dinner Delight

First off I had the most amazing ride today in the Maryland countryside!  I rode for about 12.5 miles over an hour and climbed some major hills.  Best part about hills?  What does up must come down!  I would bring my camera but given it’s lameness already I don’t want to take any chances!

When I got back from my ride I wanted dinner!

002 Wheat Berry Shrimp Curry – 2 servings

  • 1 shallot
  • 1tbs EVOO
  • 12 shrimp
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1/2 cup wheat berries (when uncooked)
  • 1/2 cup soy beans
  • 1 tbs curry powder
  • S&P

Cooke wheat berries in a pot water for 30min or until desired chew.  Sautee shallot in EVOO, add zuc, beans and then finally shrimp and curry powder.

Serve shrimp mix over wheat berries and you are done!

003 Nick approved meal with a side salad!

004 Check out what happened with my digital macro setting…I memorized the settings so I know where things are.  I will have a problem when the memory card gets full :(  I think I remember how to delete them.

I am going to Maine tomorrow and I can’t wait.  Maine is probably the most special place to me in the US and then Arizona on horseback.  I could ride through the desert on a horse all day long (as long as I had water!) 

I can’t wait to smell that fresh Maine air.  Nothing else smells like Maine.

Sunny Days

Today was full of sun!

We spent about 3 hours at the beach and that is about all the sun my pale body could take.


My view for the day.  We gathered shells and built a sand castle.  I think we finally have the shelling technique down and are ready to head out early with the pros tomorrow morning.

When we came in at 2pm I was starving!

I made myself another little snack plate.009 Carrots, green beans, maters in hummus.  Orange slices, toast with peanut butter and strawberries.  Loupe with Oikos.

010 011 012

I love strawberry pb sandwiches!


After lunch I was still hungry and had 1/2 of an Odwalla bar to get me full.  I read some blogs and watched Dr. Oz talk about obesity, but I was still hungry!

Mom and I popped some popcorn to eat while watching Gilmore Girls and then we were off to the Mucky Duck for sunset.014 The Mucky Duck is supposed to be the best place to see the sunset and everyone and their mom was there.  We got a couple of drinks and settled in to wait it out.


Shortly after this things got really cold and I put on a sweater and a jacket.  It was breeeeeezy!

And now for the sunset sequence!017 018


 020 022

023 024

025 026

027 021 Freezing our bums off, but it was a pretty sunset!

When we arrived home we got started on our quick planned dinner.  Fresh Rock Shrimp and kale chips!

028 Yes the kale totally overshadows the shrimp.  Love kale chips.  Mom was a trooper and ate most of her’s.

029 030

We finished the shrimp off in lime juice and cilantro.

Now we are watching the Biggest Loser weigh in.  I missed the trainer tips and nutrition this week.

Kayaking tomorrow!  I will be wearing my hat!

Sanibel Day One

Hello from Sanibel Florida!  I just realized I didn’t get a picture of the beach, but I will surely fix that tomorrow.

Our flight was on time but it was not an easy one.  I am STILL congested and the pressure on my ears was crazy out of control.  I also had two allergy attacks throughout the flight.  If that wasn’t bad enough I also felt like I was going to barf while we were landing due to turbulence.

When we were finally on the ground we got our rental  car and it the road for Sanibel and Gramma Dot’s.

011 This place was recommended, but it left me wanting more.  I started with the Key West larger for a little local flavor.

012 I then ordered the misquette grouper sandwich, which was supposed come with a side of fruit and homemade potato chips.

013 The flavoring of the sandwich was really nice, but I don’t think one strawberry and a small piece of cantaloupe count as a side of fruit.

After lunch Mom and I went for a nice walk along the beach and checked into our condo.

We watched some basketball which snacking on chips, salsa and wine, and my bracket hopes were dashed with Kansas’ loss.014 Ugh I was so close!  Those are our few shells we have collected so far!  After a little nap we set to making dinner.  Due to my illness and chips I wasn’t very hungry.  Thankfully we had planned a light dinner of shrimp and salad.


I sautéed some mushrooms and shrimp in out olive oil and vinegar dressing plus half of a lemon (there is no S&P in the condo! (So odd to me).

016 Mom made a simple salad of Romain, carrots and fennel.017 Yummy scrimp!

We have big plans for a farmers market and shelling in the morning.  People are really, serious about shells around here.  I think I am also going to attempt to do a little barefoot running on the beach tomorrow!  The sand is really soft around here.  Just something easy like 20min.  Bikes ARE the only real form of transportation on this island and there are miles of paths.  I am so exited!

Biggest Losers in the Office

It’s Top Chef night!  Do the happy dance. :)  I missed last weeks due to sleep being more important so I am switching times and working 1 week behind.  This way I can go to bed.  We are smart cookies 😉

So I am not going to bore you with anything about work today except for the fact that I finally moved into my cube!  Only a month late!  Maybe I will give you some time soon.  It is really exciting, ha!

Oh one thing happened today at work that was really cool…our office Biggest Loser club asked me for some nutrition advice for their weight loss group.  I was so excited, but I am super nervous!  I made sue to let them know I am not an R.D. just well read and have ideals about food.  I think I am going to start but asking one thing each of them needs help with/ wants to know about.  I will add their questions to the blog, but keep the names anonymous.  Thoughts??  Tomorrow is the first weigh in, and they are paired in teams of two just like Biggest Loser!

FOOD! That’s amour!

005 Leftover spaghetti squash and sauce from last night.  Some juicy cantaloupe and a piece of whole wheat Anadama bread.  Like my water spotted paper towel.

006 Yummy parsley on top!

Right before leaving for the day I had the other half of my peanut butter pretzel Clif bar from yesterday and yep a seltzer.

007 When I got home it was time to get my run on!  I went for about a 9-10 mile run.  I still need to put it into  The first 5 miles were really hard.  My right leg was like a rock and not fluid.  I was kicking myself for not have a better pre run snack.  It seemed to work itself out on my second time around he hill.  Don’t worry, I slammed a spiced pear muffin and some coconut water.  There wasn’t even enough time for a picture.  It seemed to do the trick and I jumped in the shower.

**Note:  Why is there no new Top Chef tonight!!!****

I had shrimp, couscous and beans on the meal plan.  One problem, I thought I had white beans.  No worries I used pinto beans because they have a similar texture.  I used a recipe from Real Simple that involves lemon, parsley and onions with the other ingredients.

009 It came out nice and lemony, just the way I like it!

I also had a side salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and feta cheese with balsamic.  Salad plate portion sizes…too bad Nick is not as big a fan of beans as I am and I ended up killing his off 🙂

008 I was still hankering for something sweet so I went to the freezer for a minty treat.  Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich and an earl grey tea.

010 Like the bite size pieces?  Isn’t everything better bite size?  I squished out the ice cream and licked it off around the edges just like old school ice cream sandwiches.

OK well no Top Chef tonight…grrrrr I guess that means early to bed for this girl!

Night All!

Nick’s Return!

The sun is still behind the clouds around these parts.

I had to reorganize my stimulus reporting pile…I will now be reporting to 4 different sources the same info in different formats.  Why can’t they share? Don’t ask me.  At least it look up a great chunk of the morning.

Lunch was served promptly at noon in my cube.  Looks pretty boring from afar but just wait!


A WW flax wrap with salsalito turkey, Havarti cheese and roasted peppers.  One Bugs Bunny carrot and plain Greek yogurt with the other 1/2 of my sunrise peach.


I am telling you, roasted peppers really make a sandwich!

I also had an adora disk, but I forgot about it during picture snapping time due to the fact that is was still in the lunch tote.

The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing the shred job and removing non recyclables from the recycling bin.  Some people are so lazy!!!

We had to break for snack time at 4pm

006Orange Cran, pecan with carob chips oat bar and the usual seltzer.

After work I went for a 4 mile run with a lifting session at the gym.  I did arms, back, legs and core.  Yikes I am pooped.  At least tomorrow is a short 2mile speed workout that might get pushed to Sat. because we are going to a concert.

NICK was coming form shrimp soft tacos!

WW flax tortilla shells, shrimp in sauteed onions, black beans, mexi mix cheese and salsa.  I also made a avocado, plain greek yogi and enchilada.

007010I also made a veggie plate with patty-pan, cucs and sweet peppers topped with lemon and chili powder.

009OK off to sip on some sweet dreams tea and hangout with Nick!!!!

Tomorrow is Friday!