Return of the Personal Meatloaf

Wow, I hope you all are watching this Federer US Open match!!!  It is in the 5th set right now and crazy things are happening!  I heart Roger.  They have been playing for over 4 hours!  I cannot imagine have exhausted they must be.

Anyway back to the day…

***edit Roger just lost 😦 ***

Today was not that bad considering I was out for 2 days last week.  A little DMB workie and some jobs reporting.

Lunch break!


Salad with hummus, cuc, mater and spring mix.  Kashi TLCs and a pineapple Chobani (by far the best flavor they make!)  I had 1/2 an orange but saved it for my afternoon snack.



TLC and chobani?  eh not so good.

Fact checking + reporting + more reporting took over my afternoon…my snack even got interrupted!


I had to put down my orange for a meeting and faxing grrrrr.  BUT when I returned I had a oat round I made last night with apricots and carob chips.


Good combo!  I cooked these at 400 instead and they got a little crunchy, which I liked.


Pretty relaxed day at they gym with 30min of the ArcTrainer and tons of arms and Core…I have been slacking lately!


I returned home to make…BBQ personal meatloaf!

In the mix

  • 1/2 lbs organic lean beef
  • 1/2 cup cooked lentils
  • 1 egg
  • chopped mushrooms
  • chopped onion
  • large dollop of BBQ sauce
  • shelled edamame to line the muffin tin bottoms (didn’t really work out as I planned)

Cooked at 350 for 35min and….


TA DA!  Ok so not so pretty but really delicious!

I had two with a side of BBQ sauce and salad with a gala and feta.


See what I mean about the soy beans?


Salty cheese + sweet apple = yum!

Alright I need to call my mom and figure out turkey day in Maine!  Crazy how time is flying!!!!!

Night ya’ll!


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