More Birthdays and A Recipe You Want to Make

More birthday pictures!IMG_1018




This restaurant had really good coffee after dinner drinks and they served mine to Nick and vice versa – we didn’t realize it until Nick had almost finished mine!

And now a recipe!

Garlic Scape, Cilantro and White Bean Spread/Hummus/Dip

  • 1 bunch garlic scapes – I got mine at the farmers market
  • 1/2 bunch of cilantro
  • 1.5 cups of white beans
  • juice of one lemon
  • 1 tbsp evoo
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 large tbsp of tahini
  • S&P

Throw everything in a blender and you get some amazing stuff!IMG_1027

Spread on some toast with a side salad from dinner.


Farmers market greens, farmers market zuc and zuc blossom.IMG_1025

Go make this now!



7 Years

This past weekend Nick. my mom and I made our way to Maine for my grandfathers 86th birthday.  7 years ago we were up for the same event.


Then – 2004


and now 2011.  Obviously the weather was better in 2004, but we had to go we had things to gather for the wedding!IMG_1009


As we enter into the 4 month countdown to our wedding I am starting to think about what is really important to Nick and me.  I read A LOT of wedding blogs and recaps and it seems that the number one thing that I find touching and seriously something get teary eyed about is the simplicity and intimacy of small weddings.  Nick and I are simple people.  Some day we want a small single family house with a vegetable garden and chickens so feathers and glitter are not our style.  Some people can pull it off, but to truly express ourselves in our wedding it needs to be simple.  Beauty in simplicity.

I want to start writing a few posts about simple touches that are being planned for our wedding and I wanted to start with our rings.  I am not sure if I am supposed to show the wedding bands before the wedding, but who writes these rules anyway?  I have also not shown a picture of my ring on the blog yet because I have seen so many people (not all) show off their ring by shoving it in my face and I did not want to be like that.  I am giving you a glimpse now because I truly love it and know that Nick spent months saving to get the prefect ring.  I just wanted one solitaire diamond with a narrow band and a sunken carriage but not so sunken that I would need a special wedding band (did you get that?).  I am also against “trading in” your ring for an upgrade.  I think it is disrespectful to the man you are marrying who spent all of his hard earned money on the ring you are wearing.  Nick knew all of this, but it did not mean he needed to get me a giant rock for me to like it.IMG_0995

Every time I look down at my ring I think about Nick and how much he loves me.  NO the ring itself does not mean he loves me but the time and effort he put into finding the perfect one and knowing how picky I am makes me smile – and if you know Nick you know he is not a jewelry guy.  I know I will wear it for the rest of my life and I will always have the feeling of butterflies in my stomach when I look back on the day he proposed in the woods.

As beautiful and stunning as my engagement ring is, I wanted my wedding band to be simple.  Just a white gold band with no diamonds – no matter how much people tried to tell me I would like them.  To me my wedding band represents us.  No frills no embellishments just simple clean lines.  I love it.  And I know that if for some reason I do not feel comfortable wearing my engagement ring someplace I will always have my wedding band to remind me of constant love.IMG_1000

Nick’s ring is simple as well and he opted out of white gold and diamonds (Nick wearing diamonds would be hysterical) and went with a brushed nickel finished Tungsten.  I am not sure what it means to him, but I know even though he is not a jewelry guy he is still planning on wearing it.  I think it is weird when men do not wear wedding band (ahem Prince William!).

All in all I love our rings.  They are simple and different, just like us.

This post is just my opinion, if you have different one please do not take offense.

Weekend Breakfasts

N and I had a pretty busy weekend with a food movie (Food Matters) showing and raw food dinner – from Zia’s!!!! – along with a crazy 60th Birthday celebration for N’s dad.  Even though our time was crunched I was still able to bang out two stellar breakfasts.


French toast with sunflower seed butter, granola and grilled MD peaches that I canned last summer. 


I sort of hoarded the peaches in the beginning and now I am trying to get through them before the new ones are at the farmers market!IMG_0987

I love FT on the weekend.

Next we have doughnuts and coffee!IMG_0989

I had a lot of fun using my mini doughnut pan this morning but unfortunately the recipe I used is nothing to write home about.


They are still really cute though and the best part was actually located on the “ugly” side.


chocolate chips!!!!!  I may have eaten all 12 throughout the day and this is why I do not have grab-able snack food throughout my house Smile

Wedding Update:  We picked up out wedding bands today and they are exactly what we ordered.  Simple and US.  I really like that my band is just a simple white gold band and I am probably going to write a post about wedding rings and the hype that surrounds them.  We also got all of our stamps for our wedding invitations, now I am just waiting for the actual invites to come back from the printers!  Walk through with all parties involved on Thursday – this is so exciting because I get to talk design with my coordinator.  Lastly my boutonnieres are being shipped!!!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Rhubarb By Any Other Name Than Crisp?

When it comes to using rhubarb I can only think of pies and crisps.  In the most recent issue of Eating Well they give a bunch of different recipes for using the fruit/root/veggie (?) and I went with one for dinner.


I chopped up the remaining rhubarb and rubbed it down with oil and brown sugar then roasted it in the oven for 10 @375.  I combined the rhubarb with goat cheese, oven baked tofu, sweet potato and farmers market greens.


Eaten with chopsticks because they are fun for picking up all of the little bites on the plate!IMG_0981

Close up of crispy tofu, goat, tater and barb.

While I was out snapping dinner shot I noticed that my peas have flowers as well as my strawberry!!!IMG_0982



I can’t wait for green beans and yummy strawberries!

I finally got back in the pool today and I am totally pooped.  I need to get to back early!


It took me some time to learn how to spell that word…spelling has never been something I excelled at, but that is not what this post is about!  I ordered our BOUTONNIERES today!  I am super excited about these because 1) they are coming from Boston 2) They are silk flowers and therefore I can order them now 3) They are from Etsy so I know an actual person will put time and love into them.

 The green ribbon on the bottom will be persimmon like my bridesmaids dresses and so that it gives a little pop to the green and white.  I am really excited that there are hops in them because Nick really likes craft beers and I am trying hard to have both of us represented in our wedding.  I think it also a good thing for him to have silk flowers over real because I won’t have to worry about him crushing them before the ceremony.

130 days to go!  Time to get back on Etsy for some inspiration!

Forks Over Knives

Nick and I went to DC to see Forks Over Knives yesterday.  The move road a fine line of shock value and showing both sides.  I think I am spoiled by Food Inc and everything else by Pollan, but I felt that FOK was a little scattered and did not give an easy way to better your health except become a vegan tomorrow. 


Basically they believe if you eat ANY animal product you are harming your body.  It honestly made me feel bad because I have changed the way I eat over the past two years not only to try and improve my own health but the health of the planet.  To FOK this did not seem like enough.  I basically need to cut out the little meat I eat, the eggs and cheese that I love, milk and any form of oil.  I have mixed feelings over this.  I personally do not believe cutting out any food group is the smartest thing, I mean we were able to grow such big brains vs. our bodies because we ate meat.  I do think we need to reduce our meat consumption hands down but I do not like being limited in my real food selections.  The movie showed a group of people basically knocking of deaths door and how eating a plant based diet changed their lives.  The problem with this is that most Americans are not willing to change until they are at this point.  Eating less meat and more plants might make them healthier, but at least from my personal experience you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.  Americans are addicted to fats and sugars and unless they are close to death or see the light it is going to be very hard to change people’s minds.  It is also hard when we are faced with ads promising fiber in our Lucky Charms and yogurt with only 80 calories (and tons of artificial ingredients).  We are just going to get fatter and sicker and fast food chains and processed snack food companies pump out their next big thing.  I want to find a way for people to see the light.  Make people actually care about their personal heath and stop them from treating their insides as trashcans, but how do you convince someone who grew up on biscuits and gravy that vegetables can actually taste good without cheese sauce or a sugary marinade?fok

Probably the think that bothers me the most about the entire idea about how we are killing ourselves is that such a large portion of the billions of dollars we spend on healthcare every year is for preventable diseases like type two diabetes and heart disease.  We spend more on healthcare than national defense.  It is just sad and disheartening about where we are heading.

So what to do?  These are a couple of things that could be baby step, which I wish the movie had given to connect with a wider audience.

  • Try out Meatless Mondays
  • Reduce meat consumption to only one meal a day and then maybe less
  • Keep track of the way you feel when you reduce meat consumption
  • make sure you learn your vegetarian proteins
  • Watch out for vegetarian junk food
  • Learn that meat is still a luxury if you eat the kind of meat worth eating ie. organic, grass fed, local
  • Realize that food is fuel and you get out what you put in
  • If it has a label read it
  • Avoid foods with labels
  • My personal one – try a day of vegan then maybe a week and just see how it makes me feel – shall miss my cheese and there is no good sub for milk in my coffee

What do you think?  With all of the new food data out there have you changed the way you eat?  Would you have to have a quad bypass to care?