Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

I had a special Halloween breakfast, or at least I made it that way!

001 I had 2 eye sockets with dirt and ants spread.  I also had a personal witches cauldron filled with brain puree, diced bones, chopped intestines and a large lump of pumpkin flavored earwax.  All together with a large mug of witches brew.

002 Nick also brought me some liquid gold and I had 3 of his fried skin flakes.

003 Time to get my scary clean on!  Buffy the Vampire Slayer is on in the background.  Hilarious!

Have a goolish day!



Cookie Monster

Welcome to the Weekend!

We are staying in tonight and watching the second Transformers movie.  Nick and I both have early days tomorrow so it will be nice to take it easy tonight.

My day went my pretty quickly.  A few meetings and paperwork.  Lunch was also thrown in there.  My swamp oat held me over exceptionally well and with the help of three prunes I was able not to down my lunch in 2.5 sec.

004 Giant salad with lettuce, maters, celery, sprouts and carrots.  I also had hummus on top.  Along side some crackers with an LC wedge and a dark chocolate French biscuit.

005 006

Hum drum went the day and I munched on my snack from about 3-4.  Apple, seltzer and adora disk.

007 I was excited for the gym today because I was doing my own spin session!  45min on the bike and I worked up quit the sweat!  HR range was from 155-182.  After the bike I did arms (man these were hard!, I think it  has been about 2 weeks since I saw the weight room) and some core work.  I also did a quick 2 miles on the treadmill.

When I got home I put together a bake.  I wanted to make stuffed shells, but they were out of shells at the grocery!

This is what I ended up with…

008 010

Under the bubbly cheese : 1/2 a head of cauliflower, parsley, oregano, spinach, FF ricotta, tomato sauce and a little bit of pasta.

009 My serving with a glass of shiraz.  Cauliflower should have been cooked a little more, but it was still tasty.  Then it was cookie Friday time!!!

I got the good old Tollhouse cookie dough squares.  I made 6/12 and froze the rest.

011 012

Hot and fresh right out of the oven with a glass of milk for dunking!  And yes that is caramel in the middle!

OK time to get back to the movie and Nick!!!!

Have a great night!

Swaaaammmpppppy Oats

Say that with the Monster Mash voice please!

Hello Friday!  Haven’t seen you in oh about 7 days?

We won our kickball game last night!  It was almost a perfect game!  Our friend Sean and Melissa got engaged right before the game and actually came!!!!  Now that is dedication!  They are hardcore like that.

So I missed National Oatmeal Day yesterday so I thought today it would only be fitting to have oats in a jar to make up for this mistake!

Given that is HALLOWEEN EVE I went with swampy oats.

Green!  1/4 cup oat bran, flax, Amazing Grass – Amazing Green Meal, 1/2 banana, topped with pumpkin butter and Go Lean Crunch.

It does not tastes green incase you were wondering, just delicious oat bran-ness.

I cannot wait to “fall back” this weekend.  It won’t be so dark when I got running in the afternoon!

What are you being for Halloween???

Brown and White

Bummer we have kickball at 9pm tonight.  At least it is the last time for the season.  That means I will hopefully be in bed by 11…ugh.  Oh well at least it is going to be Friday!!!!

Note: What is Alicia Keys wearing at the Yankee’s game????

I am not a New York fan.  My mom lives 45min away from the city and I never have the desire to go in.  The buildings are too tall and block the sun, there is no green space except Central Park, which has no native plants…long story (See “The World Without Us”).  It is dirty and dangerous.  I guess I am just a burbs girl at heart, but I would like a little town where I live near the center and able to walk.

OK tangent done.

Back to my eats!

004 Leftover quinoa with greens and apples, veggie crisps, PINEAPPLE Chobani (!!!!) flavor love!

005 I forgot about the other 1/2 of my gingerbread Clif bar, which I enjoyed as a surprise around 2:30.

004 And then again on my drive home I enjoyed a lovely apple.

006 While eating this it made me think of The Botany of Desire from last night and how every seed in my apple would produce a different tasting apple from the one I was eating, and that apple used to only be of bitter varieties to make hard cider.

When I got home I fed Sissy, had a spoon on PB (yep, I did!) and then headed out for a short run.  I did about 4.5 miles because I got out of work late and I needed to make dinner before heading to kickball.

For dinner I wanted to use some ravioli, but then I realized I had a pasta bake on the menu for tomorrow…I still made the ravioli, but I cut back the number I ate and added a ton more veggies than I would get with just the regular pasta sauce I was planning on using.

007 The final product.  The sauce was veggie broth, balsamic, thyme, oregano, onion, mushrooms and cauliflower.  I poured this over 3 artichoke ravioli.  I also had a piece of WW flax butt with melted goat gouda.  Overall a very white and brown menu, but still loaded with veggies and complex carbs.  Nick had some shrimp on his.

008 OK well I need to get ready for kickball!  Layering up!  Going to be cold down there!!!  I may have some tea and a cookie when I get home, but we will see how it goes.

Later Gators!

Sweet and Savory

If you were thinking about buying a house and getting the $8k rebate, but didn’t get your act together on time, good news!  They have extended the buying time until April!  Nick was thinking about buying a house earlier this year so I wonder if this is going to change his mind?  At any rate it should be interesting to see how this will effect the housing market if at all.

Back to breakie…

I have had mini WW bagels in my fridge, well for a long time.  I needed to use at least one today, but a mini bagel is not enough for my breakfast!  I have seen a bunch of eggs in a hole in blogland, so I thought I would take that and roll with it.  I made my egg scrambled with dill, S&P and poured it into the wholes on the bagel.

002 A lot of egg got out the bottom, but I piled it back in.  I liked how the bottom got crispy, while the bagel stayed chewy!  Again one egg and one mini bagel is not enough (~160kcal) so I opted to use the other 1/2 of my leftover waffle.  I split a tbs of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl and banana on both quarters.

003 All together it was a sweet and savory breakfast and I really liked the egg in a mini bagel! 


I think a large fruit salad with yogurt might be its best partner?  I do have one bagel left, but I need more fruit to make an actual salad.  He can chill in the fridge a little while long 😉

Have you seen all the snow in Denver?!?!?  I really hope this rain they are calling for on Halloween stays away!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!!

The Botany of Desire

Gah!  I did it again!  Erased my post by clicking something and then typing…not really sure how I did it…annoying…starting over…

The Botany of Desire with M. Pollan is on MDPtv right now and I really wanted to get back to it!

011 Before I could get to the apple, tulip, marijuana and potato I had to get through my Wednesday!

My morning was a little hectic and I didn’t get to my lunch until 1pm.  Good thing I popped some prunes before me meeting ;)  I will spare you the picture today.

When I did get to lunch my beanie deliciousness did not disappoint.


Leftover bean enchilada, salad with carrots, maters, sprouts and chipotle hummus for dressing.

005 I also got to have a new seasonal flavor of Clif bar!  Iced Gingerbread!!!!

004 Must find healthier gingerbread recipe ASAP!  Any ideas?

Because I didn’t get to have lunch until later I wasn’t very hungry for my snack, but knew I needed to eat something before my run.  I had my apple during the car ride home.

006 I had planned on going to the gym and doing intervals, but it was so nice out when I left work I thought I might as well run outside.  72 degrees and partially cloudy, how could I not run outside???  Someone smack me next time I try to go to the gym on a nice day…crazy I tell you!  My fingers didn’t even get cold!

I ended up doing about 6.2 miles, core work, push ups and dips.

Then it was dinner time!!!

I knew I wanted to use some maple apple sausage and southern greens, but I didn’t know how.  This is what I came up with…

007 008 009

Quinoa base cooked in veggie broth.  Southern blend greens cooked in simmered onion, garlic, apple and veggie broth.  One sausage.  This was actually pretty good and very fall!  I might let the leftovers heat up together to get the flavors to meld a little bit more next time.  I will see if that makes the flavors a little bit more bold.

Back to the Botany!  While watching I consumed a lovely ice cream sandwich!

010 1/2 the extra waffle from this morning with mocha almond fudge Soy Delicious from Turtle Mountain in between the two layers!  Yummers!

Alright I am going to hang out with M.P., Nick and Sicily.  Next I think we the potato…always a questionable starch.  Sour cream anyone?

Nick Night! ❤


Can someone build me a boat so I can paddle to work?  It is once again raining.  It has not stopped since yesterday early morning.  Oh and the flooding!

At least I got my waffle!

001 Onw WAFFLE according to the package plus flax, minus oil.  Toppings included a heated mix of pumpkin butter and almond butter, a dollop of Greek yogurt and some granola.  With a banana on the side that seriously needed to be eaten.

002 I was glad to find out that Chobani does not use artificial growth hormone cows milk for their yogurt.  I have been reading the book that goes along with Food Inc. and it is seriously shocking.  It it takes me awhile to digest chapters and I have ended up having to go back and re-read.  Speaking of Food Inc., it comes out on DVD on November 13th!  Guess what I will be doing that day?

Time to get on the road, this rain is causing havoc!

See you all later!